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Mini Marts
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Thursday, June 12, 2014


This energetic, fun loving, passionate, little boy amazes us everyday! I wanted to make sure I remember this precious time in Jeremy's life! He LOVES the sons Courageous by Casting Crowns. It's such a beautiful song. If this is the mantra for his life, I would be one happy Mama. Its gets me all chocked up and teary eyes to hear him belt out these lyrics! 
You can click on the name of the song to see and hear it on You tube.

Courageous by Casting Crowns
We were made to be courageous
We were made to lead the way
We could be the generation that finally breaks the chains

We were made to be courageous
We were made to be courageous

We were warriors on the front lines,
standing unafraid.
But now we're watchers on the side lines,
while our families slip away.
Where are you men of courage?
you were made for so much more.
Let the pounding of our hearts cry,
we will serve the Lord.

We were made to be courageous,
and were taking back the fight.
We were made to be courageous,
and it starts with us tonight.
The only way we'll ever stand,
is on our knees with lifted hands.
Make us courageous,
Lord make us courageous.
This is our resolution, our answer to the call,
We will love our wives and children,
and refuse to let them fall.
We will reignite the passion,
that we buried deep inside.
May the watchers become warriors,
let the men of God arise.

seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God
seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God

Lead singer:
In the war of the mind i will make my stand,
in the battle of the heart, in the battle of the hands.
in the war of the mind i will make my stand,
in the battle of the heart, in the battle of the hands
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Friday, June 6, 2014

Family Surprise Trip

While I was on bed rest, Jeremy would ask to go places everyday. One day he said, "Ya know mom, I have never been on a hot air balloon ride!" Ha! I'm pretty sure 90% of people haven't! BUT I remembered Irvine had a free hot air balloon ride. Upon some research (I had so much time on my hands I welcomed an opportunity to research something!), I found that it was no longer free, $10 per person, the kids would be free. Still a good deal!

Jeremy also LOVES hotels that have breakfast in the morning! I tell ya, this kid is such a crack up! With all these plans he had, we put together a special surprise trip for Daddy and Capri, after the baby was born!

Our first stop was Starbucks:
First Family Picture! 
Then we headed to the Irvine Spectrum to ride the Merry Go Round:

But it was closed!
Oh Well. . . 
We ate lunch and headed to the Farris Wheel. They wouldn't let us take Heidi on the Ferris Wheel. They said everybody had to sit on their own, no lap children. That was kinda annoying!
LuLu eating pepper!
The bottom picture is on the Farris Wheel!
The kids LOVED it!
Time to check into the hotel and swim! 
The water was too cold! (Top Left)
The Jacuzzi was too Hot! (Top Right)
Bobby used a trash can to bucket cold water from the pool into the Jacuzzi
Then it was better (middle right) for about 15 minutes, until the heater kicked on!
Jeremy and I didn't really talk about dinner plans. We decided to go back to the Spectrum and go to Dave and Busters to play games:
We used the tickets on super cool bouncy balls!
Stopped at the park on the way out:

I didn't get a picture at breakfast. We headed to Great Park:
Left: Bobby teaching J about fossils!
UP, UP and AWAY!
It's hard to tell what they are doing. . ..
They are throwing their bouncy balls from last night up and down the runway!
The park is on an unused Marine Corps Base. 

We had so much fun!! Jeremy has been giving Bobby ideas on where He and Capri can take us for the next surprise trip!