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Mini Marts
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Taking a Look Back: Jeremy's First Year*

I have been moving right along getting these journal entries digital! Here are the links for the posts of Jeremy's life.

I was hoping I had made more entries then I did! I guess adjusting to life as a mommy took priority over journaling!

8/27/10, 4 months old: Wow! Mommy wanted to write in here much soon but . . . I got busy! I LOVE being a Mommy! You are our little gift from God! We know He had given you to us to raise you to know Him and love Him and other people! Oh, where do I start to catch up? Let's see. . . . I'm watching you sleep right now. We'll start with sleep! While we were camping for 4th of July (you were 10 weeks old!) you started sleeping for 6 hours! Meaning you slept though one feeding! I still pumped to keep my supply up and start a stash in the freezer. Gradually from there you started sleeping more and more. Last night you slept from 11pm - 9am! 10 hours! Woo-Hoo! You take about 3 naps a day. We are not on a schedule yet. You nurse every 3 hours during the day. We think you are teething. You drool like crazy. You are a talkative baby. You love when we talk back. Your whole body wiggles, your legs kick, you droll! It's so cute! You love to chew on Daddy's finger. It always soothes you and you always poop while you are chewing! 
You love your bath time. We have a turtle hat drains water. You want to drink the water. You wiggle all over and splash us! You HATE your car seat! In the car you are screaming or sleeping! It makes going places kinds difficult! 
I think that's about it. I will not let it go this long again!
First smile: June 30 (9 weeks)
You rolled from front to back 2 times: July 3 (10 weeks)
Top Left: Cute onesie made by Christina!
Top Right: Bath Time!
Bottom Left: First smile
Bottom Right: Cute baby yawns while camping!

9/23/10, 5 months old: You are THEE cutest baby ever! We just love to watch you learn! I feel so blessed that Daddy works so hard that it's possible for me to be home with you every day! God blessed us with his job for sure!! 

10/8/10, 5.5 months: I think we are making some progress with your carseat. It's day 4 of no screaming! Awesome! A little fussing but nothing your binky won't fix! You are favoring regular binkys these day not the Soothies. You love apple juice. You have tasted apples and bananas. And a few drops of chicken broth. We switched you from your bassinet to the playpen in our room, so you have a little more room to wiggle around. We are having trouble with the monitor we got. When we get it fixed we will move you into your room in the crib. It's just too far away for Mommy to have you allll the way down the hall from us! You have the sweetest little belly laugh! I think you are a lefty! :). I didn't try to make you a lefty, I promise!

Your serious expression just cracks me up!

10/13/10, 5.5 months old: You are doing so good in your car seat! It's like one weeks you woke up one day and decided to be over it! We are so thankful. We drove to Oceanside yesterday and you were great! We got you 2 cute outfits for Uncle Dillin's bootcamp graduation. We started feeding you cereal too! Today you ate 1/2 teaspoon and nursed on both sides! Now you are sacked out! Sleep well my precious boy! 
Mini Cheese Head!

11/7-10/10, 6.5 months: You spent 4 days with GiGi while Mommy and Daddy took a little trip! Daddy surprised me by not telling me where we were going! He set up for you to be with Gigi and made all the arrangements! He even packed the 4runner so I didn't know what was in it. It was amazing! You were still nursing so I pimped faithfully every 3 hours, on the dot! Gigi said you didn't drink much milk while I was away. You really weren't interested in the bottle. We talked to you each night before bed. It was nice for us to get a way, but we missed you so much! When we got home I expected you to be all giddy and happy to see us.  you were a little unsure of us! You wanted to stay in Gigi's arms! After about an hour you warmed up and wanted to snuggle.

All kinds of paint. . . *

We are replacing the windows in the front bedrooms. Advice to anyone in the market: If the house needs new windows. . . Save up the money and Replace your windows before you move in! Our house was built in 1973. . . single pane windows = breezy, cold in winter - hot in summer, as soon as the air/heat turns off the house instantly gets hot/cold. It's messy to replace them while living in the house and keeping a toddler and infant away. Plus, it's really difficult to go down to 2 bedrooms from 4! There are toys, beds, linen everywhere! BUT I do need to praise my husband for getting the work done as fast and efficient as possible! And he is so sweet to let J "help" him!

So today was day 7 if construction. We have the windows in, dry wall up, texture on . . . now the painting and decorating! The FUN part! I have realized I can't decorate a bedroom without going ALL out! See this post on the nursery! I will have the finished product of J's room here. 

Jeremy had a blast today with all different kinds of paint to use:
They are so cute together!
You may be gwaking at that color,
Wait until you see the finished product!

The boys were over to play while Danielle did the artist part of J's room!
We found a giant box for the boys to go to town on!
He got a little crazy with the paint! It was on his tongue too! Oy!
We finished the day with colored shaving cream in the bathtub!

This kid just keeps getting cuter!  I can't get over it!