Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Roadtrip to Arizona!

Heidi didn't get the 'funny face' memo.

We took a road trip to Arizona to visit a long time friend: Gimbo.
Rewind 15(ish) years ago:
Her family calls her all different names. . . Emily, Ashley, AshleyJane, AJ. I got confused. So, I came up with a random name to call her: Gimbo. She calls me Bobby. Then I married a Bobby! That got confusing! So, I am Bobby #1 and he is Bobby #2. . . .

Back to real time:
I haven't seen her in ages! She and her husband just moved back from Germany (he's in the Airforce.) And the are due to have their first baby in May! They bought a house that needs some work. Bobby has some skills in the construction department! It was such a great trip! We went to some great places while the guys worked! The nights we filled with fun games!

We got to celebrate the 27th week of pregnancy with them!
On the way, we met my sister and her kids at Chick-Fil-A. We had a fun visit with them.

Our first stop was a super cool kids museum! We had a blast! I mean, it was so much fun! There were things for all ages. . . Including adults!

Top Left: Large domino-type blocks. We made a domino line all the way around the room!
Top Right; Heidi-Rae climbing up the indoor slide
Middle Left: I love being a Mommy!
Middle Right: They had an entire room set up like a grocery store and house.
The kids really enjoying 'shopping' for dinner and taking it home to 'cook'!
Bottom Row: Playing on the indoor playground.

This was the "Hero" Room
A fire engine, ambulance and police bike to ride and play on

This was our favorite part!
There was air blowing through the tubes.
They had balls and scarves to put in at different places.
You could change the route it was taking by switching a door
and then it spit the ball or scarf out in different spots.
 We took a visit to a Framer's Market and a short hike up to the top of the "A."
4 adults, 3 kids and we FORGOT Jeremy's shoes! There was a store nearby that sold Moccasins! Red, no less! It was a fun adventure!

WE went to a nearby park and fed the ducks!

Every kids LOVES the swings!
The serious family photo!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Capri 3 Years Old

This little girl is a HAM! She loves to perform for everyone! She loves to be in a crowd/ Frozen is her favorite movie, right now. She loves to be silly and crack us up. Her compassion for other people astounds us. We love to watch her learn new things, she is intent on having a full understanding. A simple answer will not do, if she doesn't fully comprehend it. Our little sassy pants is learning how to control her sass. It's a delicate teaching time for us and her!
With turning 3 comes BIG things like
Going to the dentist

She loves to snuggle! She loves to read books, do school work, pretend play, ride her bike, drive her quad, and help with the chickens. She loves to eat, just about everything. She will try just about everything.

This girl has a the biggest heart! We are really enjoying watching her grow out of the toddler stage and into the preschool stage!
She 'Bedazzled' the fridge!

She found lipstick in Sierra's room.

Little Miss Accessorize found a piece of caution tape and used it as a belt!

Heidi-Rae 15 months

This girl keeps us on our feet! She loves to climb EVERYTHING!
We have had to curve her screaming!
She loves her Mommy! I may have a Mommy's girl for life (knock on wood.)
She loves every new sign we teach her. She is so excited to learn and use it! It's really fun to watch.
Little Miss loves to sing! Her favorite (because she has a bing sister) is Let it Go!
Daddy loves coffee. So does Heidi-Rae. With the other 2, I would have stopped it but, I don't have time! He only gives her a few little sips. And, what's more, he drinks it black! It's not even sweet!
Heidi can read emotions like no other baby I have seen. She watches the room, she watches people. She feels sadness when she sees someone sad, she is happy when she sees them laughing. It's amazing to watch!
She also, loves to nurse! We are down to about 4 times a day but I don't see her letting it go anytime soon! Which, warms my mommy heart!

I love knowing she is my last baby and getting to really absorb her growing up.

Bye, Bye 7 year itch

Everyone says, " Oh you are in the 7 year itch of marriage." What is that even supposed to mean? Well, we made it through! And can kiss that saying goodbye!
2007                                     2015

Each year one of us plans our anniversary getaway. We make our anniversary a big deal each year. Bobby plans the odd years, I plan the even years. One of the nights we get dressed up in our wedding attire and go out to a nice dinner! I love this tradition! This year, Bobby planned a night at Pachanga (local casino) and great dinner at the steakhouse. We spent the day together, just got to Pachanga and I realized I forgot to bring my breast pump! I was so upset! We changed our dinner reservations and drove home to get it. Thankfully, it was a quick turn around (it took about 1.5 hours). We made it in time to get checked in, ready and to dinner. While checking in, the woman upgraded us to a suite! IT was on a privileged floor that you needed the key in the elevator! It was posted in the room that they charged $3500 PER NIGHT!! It was so nice!
We had a great dinner, learned a few new card games and slept in! Oh yes, and had breakfast delivered in bed! It was some much needed time with each other!
Love this picture!
My fruity, pretty drink and girly ring!
Bobby's manly, stud drink and handsome ring!

I love marriage.
I love being married to my best friend.
I love the challenges we face, united as one.
I love the victories we get to celebrate.
I love missing you each and every night you works.
I love the struggles we walk through, side by side.
I love the family we have growing (much too fast).
I love the home we have made for our family.
I love the trials we lean on each other through.
I love YOU.
I thank God that you came into my life.
I thank God that you are a great father.
I thank God that you put my needs above your own.
I thank God that you work so hard to provide for our family.
I thank God that you accept your short comings and fix them.
I thank God that you listen to my opinion.
I thank God that you have a passion for marriage.
I thank God that you love me.
I thank God that you speak your mind.
I thank God for YOU!

Cheers to so many more years!