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Mini Marts
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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Confessions of a "Crunchy" Mama

Daddy made capes out of the paper on the examine table while at the doctor's office.

A while back I wrote a post titled Confessions of a Mom of 3. Kids make things tough! Weather you have one or ten! They have a beautiful way of making life chaotic.
When people ask me, "How life is with 3 kids?'
I always answer, "Beautifully chaotic."
There are moments I dearly love it, would't change it a thing and I want to pull my hair out, all in the same breath!
Even when they are all peacefully sleeping (insert time stamp) there is a mile long list that keeps me busy! For instance, that pile of laundry glaring at me this very moment!

I try to be as "Crunchy" (<-- My husband's favorite # for me) as I can. But, Geez, it can make you go crazy! It seems like everything on Earth is bad for you or will cause cancer but don't even think about moving to Saturn because they are like 5x worse for your health and probably have some weird invasion of a super fly that will make frogs grow from your armpits.... with. no. cure!
That's exactly how your brain starts swimming if you read too much and believe it all! You head gets dizzy and you have to take a break from any "Granola" reading for awhile..... Does anyone else feel this way? (Thanks, Mama in the back that was up all night nursing, lays her head to go to sleep and the 3 year old starts throwing up! I heard you faintly say, "Amen." I knew I couldn't be alone in this!)

While I do my best, I let myself slide on quite a few, because, well, I need to keep my sanity!

**You are now entering a Judgement Free Zone!!(JFZ)***

  1. I, occasionally, more often then not, indulge in Ben & Jerry's ice cream. I may or may not be sneaking bites as I type...... JFZ....
  2. Most days I use a homemade deodorant. Some days, its JUST easier to put my Dove on. Some days, I don't have the extra 3 seconds to put my organic stuff on. Some days, I don't want to! 
  3. Organic meat is too expensive at the stores. We have bought a pig and cow. But, aside from that, we eat regular meat. GASP
  4. I have tried many, many different organic shampoo and conditioner combos .... None of them stand up to my chemically infused salon stuff. I like my hair to be dry (not greasy) for al least 2 days in a row. I don't have time to take a shower more often then that! Reference my first confessions post.... 5 days! Yuck!
  5. Uncrustables are one of my favorite (sometimes, lifesaving) foods! They are so easy, convenient, and TASTY! 
  6. We use Tylenol and Motrin to help fevers. Although. I've dabbled in Essential Oils, I loose patience for them to work when i am looking at how miserables my babies are and I just want them to feel better. In my mind, I know the meds will give them relief in 20 minutes, not usually the case for EOs. (At this point, I'd like to remind you of the JFZ)
  7. We use disposable toilet paper, paper towels and tampons. . . The Earth hates us. 
  8. We looooove Skippy Peanut Butter! Tried all the natural stuff ..... no bueno.
  9. The kids eat off plastic plates and bowls. They are reusable and we do not microwave them... but we do...
  10. We use the microwave. 
  11. Wine.... do they even make organic wine? I'm sure they do. I have never searched it out. But I am quite happy with my favs that are not.

There you have it. The ugly side of a 1/2 and 1/2 Crunchy Mama. There is more that can be added to my list but the laundry is screaming at me by this point!

While I still have you, let's just keep the Judgment Free Zone going for, 
oh, I don't know....The rest of our lives! 
We need to support each other crunchy, granola, natural or not at all!

This photo is just too precious not to share! 
Praying for our school day.