Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Little MIss is on the MOVE!*

After months of telling people, "Capri is so close to crawling, it's going to be any day now."I've been saying it since Christmas! I didn't get it the first time (like we accidentally got her first roll over) but the 2nd will do!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Jeremy Update: 2.5 Years*

I love his smile!

Starbucks Date

Jeremy is weighing in at 27 pounds! He stayed at 24 pounds for so long! I'm not sure where he gained those 2 pounds! He is tall!

Cute little chair Gigi and Uncle Chase got him for Christmas

Shaving lessons with Daddy

Overall, he is a pretty healthy kid! We are going through a few rough days because of sickness right now. Read the full story here. We think he has some sort of blood sugar issue. He is very temperamental when it's low. We make sure he eats as soon as he wakes up in the morning and from his nap. He gets snack in between breakfast and lunch. We always have a snack bag packed when we go out. As long as we keep up on it, we are ok. If we forget, he looses patience very quickly. We can recognize the signs now! We haven't felt it necessary to take him to the doctor for it. We borrowed a friend's glucometer. He was registering on the high side of low blood sugar and we think if we can control it by food there is no need to medicate him.


This kid is a good sleeper! He wakes up at about 7am. We play all day! Naps from 1pm - 3:30pm. I have to wake him up or he stays awake at bedtime for too long! Then bed at 8:30pm. He wakes up once or twice to go potty. Then goes back to sleep.
He has moved into his "big brother room" so that Capri can have the nursery (Ocean Room).


Jeremy has just started loving to play dress up. We only have a fireman costume (go figure) but he loves to wear it and get in his fire truck (thanks so much Shilo!). His imagination impresses us each day! He is wearing 2T clothes, finally! We have put most all of the 18 months clothes in the attic.


We have quite the social butterfly! He loves to be around people. When he comes home from The Moerer's house on Wednesday nights, our entire small group (18 people) is here. He jumps in the middle and starts telling stories, cracking people up!
His best friends remain to be Dillon and Drew. They are so cute together! Jeremy says their favorite thing to do it play in the dirt together.
Our trip to the zoo.
He was being a lion.

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

The kindness that he shows his sister is amazing! He always asks to hold her. Watches for spit up, drool, anything she may choke on! I just love to watch his love grow for her!
The other day he didn't know where she was (he always asks, he wants to make sure he always knows!). He said, "Mommy, where is Capri? Did you squeeze her til she popped?" I giggled. He was very serious! I have to admit, I say that when I'm hugging her! "You are so cute, I could squeeze you til you pop." I may need to change that!

Jeremy loves to line all his trucks up, in the same order.....

And create a huge pile up!
Then he puts them back in his closet, in the same order!

Jeremy is a very good eater. He has been taught to eat what we put on his plate. His favorite is avocado. He loves crasins, too. Lately he has been giving us a hard time with vegetables. I don't think it's because he doesn't like them. I think it's because he wants to see if we really mean he has to eat it all!


His creative mind blows me away! I love to hear and interact with him while he is pretending! He loves construction! We have been watching endless videos on YouTube of different pieces of equiptment. His favorite (by far) is an excavator!
Visiting with Great Gramps and Gram

A boy and his dog. Bedtime conversations.
This picture is not great quality, but it's so sweet! 

Capri Update: 8 Months*

With her "Tag" blanket in a pile of laundry.
Does life get any better?
This little girl melts our hearts every day! The speed at which she grows is incredible!

Daddy was playing with the camera.
He was so proud to get a "winking" picture.

Capri still rocks the chunk! At her appointment this month she weighed in at 19 pounds 12 ounces! That's the 83 percentile. Height is 27 inches, 46 percentile. She is healthy! We are giving her shots slowly. We are not against vaccinations, but we only give 2 at a time because we believe her tiny chunky body only needs a few to process at a time. At this visit we also found out she has Eczema. The PA suggested we use Aquaphor on it. No more smell good baby lotion. Daddy's favorite is the lavender bedtime lotion.
We have had quite the week with sickness. Break my heart to see her sick! Here is the full story!
**Update (1/27 (2 weeks later)) We have cleared up the Eczema. Aquaphor worked great!


Still nothing new to report on sleep. She is a great little sleeper!
She goes to bed around 8pm, wakes at 6am to nurse, back to sleep until about 8:30am. She naps for about 1/2 hour at 1030. Then down for a 2.5 hour nap at 1:00pm when Jeremy naps (how did I get so blessed?)! Another little 1/2 hour nap around 6pm. Bed at 8pm.

Little Fashionista!

We have put all the 6 month clothes away. We have a few 6-9 month outfits still hanging. She is in 9 month comfortable! A few 12 month jammies. I just think it feels better when you sleep to be in something a little baggy!


Playing at church! She still has an obsession with TAGS!
A collage coming soon with all the places she gets them!

We are always on the go and have people over or going to see someone! It's no wonder my kids have no stranger danger. On the fence if this is a good or bad thing!

Brotherly/Sisterly Love
They love bath time!

This boy is such a sweet big brother. He always lets us know if Capri is crying, spitting up, drooling! He's on the look out for anything she may be chewing on that he can choke on. We have had a few times this month that Jeremy has taken toys from Capri because he wants to play with them. He is learning patience with her.

Auntie Danielle gave her an orange to play with and chew on.
She didn't think that her sharp little teeth could bite through and get some!
So her first official food was an orange! She made quite the sour face!

We gave her cereal 2 nights in a row and she threw all of it up! I did some research to see what might be causing this and found that grains are actually quite difficult for infants to digest. Who knew?? Since her stomach seemed to be true to this we decided to go with Baby-lead weaning, loosely.

The first food she liked didn't spit up was avocado mixed with breast milk! I don't give it to her every day. Probably about 2 nights a week. Other then that she is 100% breastmilk.

Celery on Christmas Eve

We have also let her chew on apples and pears in her Fresh Food Teether. I love this thing! She has also use celery and a carrot for teething.


 Aside from the food introductions we have not much to report. We are SO close to crawling.

Don't let her lack of crawling make you think she doesn't move around! She does an army crawl, head launch! I'll have to video it! 

Lean On Me. . . *

". . . We all need someone, to lean on." 
The famous words of the song that speaks sings truth. Life without God and a support group would be incredibly rough!

I felt this first hand while my kids have been sick the past few days, and B was working (24 hour shifts). This is the first time Capri (8months) has been sick. She has a cough, fever, and congestion. My anti-cuddle baby only wants to lay on me and moan! My heart is aching for her! Jeremy (2.5 years) has the same symptoms, but not as bad. He's been bouncing around despite not feeling well, even after 2 nights of no sleep and only 20 minutes naps here and there. I was trying to decide if I should take them to Urgent Care. Most of the time we are in and out (with prescriptions) of Urgent Care and back home within an hour, much faster then going to the doctor. I was debating going in because IF they had the flu the advice would be: rest, liquids and ride it out. I didn't need a $15 co-pay to tell me what I was already doing.
We headed outside for some fresh air.

By 7pm, C's fever was 101.2. Time to go in.

Turns out, they both have sinus, upper respiratory and ear infections. We had a long wait, 2 hours later, we had prescriptions in hand and were heading to the pharmacy! I get to the pharmacy at 9:02p.m., they close at 9. Despite my best efforts, they would not make an exception. C really need some sleep, so I decide the best option is to go to the drive-thru pharmacy. 
Well, we made it home by 11:15PM!

She fell asleep on him!

My patience was gone by 8pm! If it hadn't been for God, I would have given the kids to the next car that drove by and headed home for a hot cup of tea, a quite house and full night sleep! But the little breath prayers of, "God give me patience, Give me strength" is where the patience and strength came from. B was there to answer the phone and let me vent all night long. He even talked with J at one point because I couldn't calm my little boy. I was also, texting my dear friend Danielle throughout the night.
We are on the mend!

Playing "Doggy, Doggy, Where is your bone."

That smile melts my heart!

I hear people say, "God doesn't give you more then you can handle." I completely disagree! I think He does give us more then we can handle so we HAVE to lean on Him! The seasons that are rough we are clinging to Him to get us through each day. In the Desert Song by Hillsong United, (video below) these lyrics, "In every season, you are still God. I have a reason to sing, I have a reason to worship," have been ringing in my head the past few days. I have needed them to be my strength! God desires an intimate relationship with us! Sometimes He needs to fill our plate so full that we have no other choice then to call on Him!

I feel the need to note that I absolutely LOVE the snuggles that come with sick kiddos!!