Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

A Day in the Life of A SAHM. . . .*

Sometimes the title "Stay At Home Mom" doesn't seem to fit, as we do not "Stay Home" too often. Today, however, we DID! And I thought it'd be fun to take pictures throughout the day to remember what it was like when there was only one and he was little! It has made me  a little sad that the time Jeremy has my undivided attention is coming to an end. I am just absorbing it! How does a SAHM do it with multiple teenagers? Many, many years from now we will be blogging about that!

Here's our day in a nutshell:

Top Left: 10 o'clock snack: Popcorn and grapes
Top Middle: Taking a trip down the hill for eggs
Top Right: Playing Hide N Go Seek. . .Psst. .  . He's behind the curtains!
Middle: The sand table is one of his favorite toys
Bottom Left: He wanted to switch sunglasses
Bottom Middle: Another snack
Bottom Right: This is how he fell asleep!

YES, we did go through 3 outfits this day!

He went into the toy took and closed the door. . . I found him practicing his balancing!

This was a little earlier in the month. HE is decorating boxes for Papa Bear & Grandma Bear and Uncle Dillin who is on a deployment with the USMC! 

21 Weeks (17P Injections)*

We are past 1/2 way. This was the 4th injection I have received. It hurt going in this week. I could feel the  warmth of the solution. It could be because we had to microwave it for 10 seconds, 4 times to get the crystals to dissolve, so it was rather warm. BUT the tenderness didn't last as long this week. I get my injections on Tuesdays.

Wednesday was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day! Have you heard of that book? Haha, describes my day! I didn't realize it until 10pm that it was probably a side effect from the 17P! I couldn't get out of a funk of emotions that made me feel like I was worthless, not appreciated, a bad mommy for leaving a sick Jeremy (see here for the details) while I went to work on some things at the preschool (Even though I left him with Bobby!), a bad wife for leaving the sick babe with him, making him cancel his plans for the day, a lousy friend because I didn't want to have the bible study we host (Plus J was sick so we couldn't host anyway but I didn't even want to go to the back up place, at our best friend's house). . . . I can go on and on.
Bobby decided to go to Bible Study, it ends at 8pm, when 9pm rolled around, he wasn't home or responding to my texts. So, like any sane, normal wife would, I called him, to make sure he "wasn't in a ditch dying." Those were my exact words! Man, it sounds ridiculous. I am so blessed to have such a forgiving husband! He thought it was absurd for me to think that (it was, I admit) I was instantly more angry. He doesn't know that I am all "emotional," I don't even realize it yet! He assured he was still at the O'Rafferty's and would be heading home soon.  We got off the phone (peacefully) and I cried! Now, I am not a crier. I don't cry at movies. It takes A LOT for me to cry! And I just broke down! UGH! I calm myself down. Decided to finish watching the Grey's Anatomy until he got home. I was in the middle of and start balling again! Bobby walks in and is wondering what the heck is going on! At this point, I realize "I'm emotional." LIGHT BLUB! I bet this is a side effect of the injection! They said this could happen! I tell him about my epiphany! He is super intrigued and keeps asking me questions. 

I know this is a lot of detail but all to show you that I was being irrational. It was so foreign to me and Bobby. And I was frustrated that I couldn't get over it. My mood was much better the next morning. I hope that was the only and last time it happens!

We are now measuring from head to toe (before 21 weeks they measure crown to rump). Baby is 3/4 of an inch long, 10.5 ounces, the size of a carrot! Eyelids and eye brows are visible now! I feel him/her move ALL the time! We have a very active little carrot! I don't feel larger. I'm not too uncomfortable. I have had a pinched something in my right hip/butt, it comes and goes. 

That's about all i have for this week. I saw a list of changes on a friend's blog I will add that next week. Hope everybody is having a fabulous week! XOXO

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A Sick Little Boy!*

This may be a bit boring and detailed for most of you BUT I know this will be a month of my life I will want to look back on when the kids are grown.......

It all started 3 weeks ago with a morning filled with 7 diapers (before 10 am)! So,I think, "Ok, Jeremy has the stomach flu." It lasted 3 days... not quiet as bad as 7 diapers but I still needed to be on top of him and change him ASAP!

About a week later, he developed a cough. *sigh* After 3 days of a painful cough we took a trip to urgent care (I prefer our network's Urgent Care than the Doctor's office. We got in and out and had the prescription in our hands within an hour! Although, I DO love our doctor, sometimes the wait is just too long!)
Diagnosis: Turns out my little boy has a throat & ear infection, along with chest congestion.
Treatment: Antibiotics for 5 days, humidifier at night, and lots of lovin! If he is not better in 5 days, go in to see our Doctor.

Day 5 rolls around and he is still sick!  But it's Saturday, so we wait until Monday morning.
Diagnosis: He still has the ear and throat infection, and his chest congestion has turned into bronchitis.
Treatment: Another round of super strong antibiotics and Prednisone for 5 days. Continue with humidifier.
**Note: By this time we have started construction on Jeremy's room to put in a new window. So he has been sleeping in our room in a play pen. He wakes up every night at about 2am wanting to sleep in our bed. We let him. So, now we are on a habit of him sleeping with us and us not really sleeping because he is such a wiggle worm! But we can't let him cry it out while he is IN our room, then nobody would sleep! We will break this habit when his room is finished.

On day 3, the antibiotics are giving him diarrhea so bad he has developed a rash with in hours that's blistering! He screams when I change his diaper. One of us has to hold him down so we can clean his little bum. Wipes hurt so, we use a wash cloth. Ahh Poor Baby boy! He is coughing but only at night. Another trip to Urgent Care!
Diagnosis: Diarrhea is a common side effect for all antibiotics from the ear & throat infection and bronchitis. Doctor thinks the coughing at night is due to allergies.
Treatment: Rx of diaper cream for the rash, discontinue antibiotics because he has now had 8 days of them and his symptoms are gone. For allergies, Benedryl is the morning and Claritin in the evening for 5 days. Continue the Predinisone for 2 more days. Keep the humidifier going. 

Now the humidifier has decided to be difficult and only work 1/2 the time! ARG! Can we get a break? "Yes, Kierra the break is that you have great health insurance to take care of your sick little boy."

Where was I? . . . . We are on day 18 of all kinds of sicknesses! At this point, I'm battling putting more drugs into his body vs just wanting him to feel better and get healthy! We have not had to deal with a sick child often. He has been a pretty healthy baby!  We decide to go with the allergy plan but only stick with it for 2 days. We feel like Jeremy has been showing great signs of improvement and back to himself. We continue with the diaper cream until the rash is completely gone. 

So, he's healthy. . . we are over the hump right? We can reschedule all the play dates and dinner at people's houses we had to cancel on while J was sick, right? Ok, let's do it. . . Get back on our routine.

Not 3 days later. . . We are up at 3am with a little boy who us throwing up every hour! *sigh* 
There is this pain that tugs at my heart strings when there is NOTHING I can do to make my son feel better. After over 20 days of miserable sickness, of every kind I don't know what to do to make him feel better. I hold him and comfort him as best I know how but it still doesn't feel like it's enough. By the mid afternoon the diarrhea is back and a fever is added to it. Bobby was home with him for most of the morning being the best Daddy ever! It's 10pm and I think he is feeling better. He fell asleep on my chest tonight, which is such a great reminder that my job as a Mommy is a blessing that I treasure so very much. 

I absolutely love the snuggles he gives when he is sick. . . . 

Friday, January 20, 2012

20 Weeks Update (17P Injections)

20 Weeks pregnant! 1/2 way through!! Yea!! We are so excited to meet this little life growing! He/she is a little mover! I feel him/her all day long!!

The Progesterone (17P) shot went well this week! I didn't get dizzy and the soreness went away within a few hours. It's 2 days after and I had a headache all night and into the afternoon. I don't know if this is a side effect. I find myself questioning each odd thing that happens, wondering if it's a side effect or just a headache! I don't know if I will be able to tag it. I guess if it happens again in sync with the shot??

This week, the baby is 6 1/2 inches long (the size of a banana), from crown to rump and 10 ounces! Next week they start to measure from head to toe. He/She is working on how to swallow to fully develop the digestive system! There is big stuff going on in there! No wonder I'm tired all the time! It's absolutely amazing how God orchestrated each week to be a huge stepping stone in developing a baby to be perfect when it arrives! Even in the case of complications, God still sees each baby as perfection!

No bump picture this week since last week's was a little late!

Friday, January 13, 2012

19 Weeks Update (17P Injections)*

This week went so much better! Slight dizziness and pain at the injection sight for several hours BUTT (Pun totally intended!) all in all, a good week! I still have no side effects! YEA!

In other news the baby is growing hair, can hear our voices, and working on all the "sense" areas of the brain! It's so crazy what that little body is doing!

Bobby got to feel baby move this week! I started feeling him/her at about 14 weeks. It was so sweet to see Bobby's face light up when he felt the little, what he called "flutter." I can't wait until it's a little more predictable and Jeremy can feel it! We tell him there is a baby in my tummy. When we ask, "Where is the baby?" He points to me tummy and says, "Baby." Sometimes he lifts my shirt and kisses the bump. At night when we say prayers and thank God for our baby, he pats my belly! I love it! I'm not sure he understands the concept of a BABY! Oh little Jeremy, you have no idea how much your world of "play all day, multiple "walks" per day from room to room, and full attention form a well rested mommy/daddy" is about to be ROCKED! But all 1st children deal with it eventually! Ha! I'm excited to see the relationship they will have! Sierra will be over tomorrow! I will have her feel the movement and be sure to blog what her reaction is!

Down By the Station. . .*

So early in the morning! 

I'm sure only early child development teachers and moms know this song BUT it's talking about a Fire Station! 

We go to see Bobby at the Fire Station often. I thought I'd take pictures one day to show you all. It often slips my mind what a TREAT this is for little boys! 

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

18 Weeks Update Progesterone (17P) Injections Start*

Jeremy (20 months now) was born at 34 weeks. I went in to labor at 32 weeks they were able to stop contractions with Procardia and bed rest. I was one bed rest for 2 weeks and my water broke. Jeremy was born 21 hours later.  Since they don't know why I delivered early, I am at risk to deliver early again, maybe earlier. My doctor suggested I start getting Progesterone (17P) injections to help prevent pre-term labor.  I am at Loma Linda University Medical Center with Dr. Oshiro. He came very well recommended and the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) has "one of the largest and most advanced centers in the world!" We feel that we are very well taken care of.  IF anything goes awry with this baby, he/she will have the best care possible! Plus, we have God on our side! We need to be resting in the inner peace He can provide for this to be a stress-free pregnancy.

Ok back to the injections. . .
There have been many case studies where 17P has relaxed the uterus and the babies were not born until a week after the last injection, usually given at 36 weeks. We did a lot of research and decided it was the right path for us.

So, the syringes and prescription came in the mail . . . .with no instructions! A little confusion on our part since Bobby was the one shooting me in the butt!! We went to the doctor's office to get further direction. It should be noted that you have to start taking the injections at 18 weeks. I am 18 weeks, one day today! The nurse was a little concerned because the bottle had some crystals in it. The P17 is in cotton seed oil (extremely thick substance). She went to ask another nurse if she had seen it and what to do about it. They were baffled! Next step was call the pharmacy and ask what the instructions were: "Heat the bottle in the microwave for up to 30 seconds and shake. Repeat up to 4 times until the crystals are gone." WHAT??!! The nurse had never heard of this. She went to ask the doctor. He was also confused. At this point, I'm a little worried, but I didn't realize how much. There was  nurse in the office that has administered the shot previously  and said the instructions were, in fact, correct. None of the case studies we read said anything about microwaving or administering it warm. We then realized, that this is a new form of the injection and the previous form was no longer available. The doctor said to go ahead and give the injection.

We get prepped. Bobby is watching very observantly. We only microwaved it for 10 seconds, 2 times.
Shot goes in.... I get DIZZY and FLUSH! Now, I am not a person that freaks out easily; nor have I ever passed out. I feel that am good with dealing with stress and can make logical decisions when stressed out. Today, however, I guess the emotions and stress got to me. I had to lay down for about 5 minutes and drink some water. After that I was fine.

It has been 2 hours and I don't feel different then any other day. I will keep you posted! Thanks for tuning in!