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Mini Marts
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Friday, July 25, 2014

Confessions of a mom of 3!

I was challenged in church last week no to give the appearance that we have everything together. . . because we don't! We, like everybody, need the grace of God to get us through this life! I really thought about this all week. My close friends know when have bad days, Bobby knows. Where could I improve? I realize I don't post many negative thoughts on FB. I don't think it should be a place for dirty laundry, to vent or rant about someone or something. And frankly, when I am having a rough day, I have no time to post it on FB! BUT I do not want the image that we don't struggle because that does an injustice to God. We NEED him daily to make it through!

So, I came up with a list of things that, although are somewhat humorous, are a struggle as a mom of 3!

At this point, my kids are 4, 2, and 4 months. . . And it's SO difficult to get a picture of ALL 3!

1. I shower about twice a week if I'm lucky. Usually I go between 3 and 4 days before I can't take it and I put a movie on for the kids to watch while I take a quick splash and dash. I EVEN did a quick shave of my shins and calves this time! The baby is in her bed with the mobile on. This is the ONLY safe place when I am not watching! We have a little 2 year old Mama that likes to "help." But she doesn't know her strength! The mobile goes for about 3 minutes. I have about 5 after that before she gets too antsy. So, my showers are about 8 minutes from getting in to getting out and my hair brushed. Then there are the glorious days my hubby is home and I get to indulge in a "non-timed" HOT shower! He is really amazing!

2. While we are on the bathing subject. . . This picture is at 11am when the kids are about to go outside to play. BUT I hadn't been able to get them a bath in 5 days! 5,5,5. That is just gross! We had been on the go too much! And they were in a pool 2 of those days, that counts, right??!! This is also the first time Heidi-Rae bathed with them! It was an interesting learning lesson for all of us!

3. Laundry basket: Sat in my bedroom for 6 days! We kept going through it for under ware! By the time I got to it, I had "fluffed" it 3 times and there were 3 other loads to be folded.

4. Suitcase: We went on a little family trip (Surprise Family Trip) and the suitcase sat on the floor of my bedroom for 2 weeks after! I finally had a friend come over to play with the kid while I put it away, along with 5 loads of laundry (see #3!)

5. When was the last time I mopped the floors? This thought went through my mind during my 2:30am nursing session. . . I mopped that day during nap time. It was so dirty! Bobby keeps telling me to hire a cleaning service to come once a month. I think it may be my pride getting in the way of letting that happen. It's MY job to cook, clean, and take care of my husband and the kids. Plus, that's just another expense to add to the monthly bills. The more we add, the more Bobby needs to work. If I can just get to everything, it would be ok!

6. In order to cut back on laundry (see #3 & 4) we are in bathing suits or under ware (not me!) or a diaper (again not me!) every day! This has helped so much! It makes sharing pictures on here or FB hard! I have a thing about putting pictures of my kids in chonies online.

Even though these things make me feel like I am behind or failing at my job, I wouldn't trade it for the world! This is by FAR the best job I have. I enjoy all the little joys I get, the snuggles and serving my family to the best of my ability! Right now, my ability isn't keeping up with the laundry and floors, it's about soaking up the time my kids are young and enjoying the gifts God has given me! I know there will be a day I miss the little pitter patter in my hallway!

I realize this picture keeps occurring on the blog! I need to get more pictures of the 3 of them!
That's a hard task! But I'm up for the challenge! 

I'm sure there will be more to add to this! What have you done to make your SAHM job a little easier? What have you done that you couldn't believe (see #2!)? I'd love to hear from other moms! Comment below!

Capri: 2 Year Update

Oh My! I can't believe she's 2!!!! 


21.5 pounds! I can't remember her height! I'd measure her now but she's sleeping. . . The only time a mama can blog!


We are blessed to have pretty healthy kids! Aside from the occasional cold, which is pretty rare, we don't battle with sickness too often. Thank you, Jesus!


This girl loves to sleep! If the house is quiet she will sleep until 8:30am! The house is rarely quiet! So she generally wakes up around 7am. We have finally kicked her morning nap! It took until 23 months! Crazy girl! Afternoon nap is 1:30-3:30 or 4pm. Bedtime at 8pm. She LOVES her blanket! 12x12 piece of baby crack! Won't sleep without it! She only has it when she sleeps though.
We had a day a few weeks ago, where we couldn't find it. She had taken it out of her bed to play and didn't know where she put it. This is the exact reason, we make sure it stays on her bed. But I didn't realize it this time. We looked all over! I even crawled around the house, at her level, with a flashlight! I know, kinda ridiculous! Downfall to having a security blanket! She was still awake at 10:30pm, crying and asking me for it! I FINALLY found it behind a basket in her room! Before she fell asleep, I watched her, on the monitor, telling her baby doll the story of Mommy finding it! I should note that Jeremy was this attached at her age as well, he is not anymore. He likes to have it but if he looses it, he can still fall asleep. We have not be able to find it for days and he is fine! Capri is still an avid right thumb sucker! She only sucks it at nap and night time with her blanket. If it's one of those times in the car she will suck it too. Pretty much when she has her blanket.


We are in between 18 months and 2T. Transitioning from size 5 to size 6 shoes. She loves her dresses! And muddy boots.


This girl can work a room! She loves to be the center of attention! She plays into it. She performs anytime she gets the chance!

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

Capri and Jeremy are the best of buddies! They play all day long with minimal fighting! Capri is a little mommy to Heidi. Sometime she is too rough and we have to remind her. . .ok, most of the time. She just wants to help. She constantly asks to hold her, runs to get a pacifier when she cries, checks on her first thing in the morning when she comes in our room. It's pure joy to watch the bond!


Capri eats just about everything we give her. She loves to eat. Her favorites include: Peanut butter and jelly, edamame, Gold Fish, blueberries, bananas, and squeeze fruit packs.


She has POTTY TRAINED HERSELF! I can't believe it! She had been asking while I was on bed rest but it was too stressful for us to entertain it. As soon as Heidi-Rae came home she was bound and determined! It was a little trying when I was feeding the baby and Capri had to go! But we made it work and we rarely have accidents! EVEN though naps and night. It's crazy! We planned to have 2 in diapers at least until the end of summer!

We have moved Capri to her BIG girl bed. She does really well staying in it. I love to hear her little pitter patter in the mooring coming into bed with us! It's much nicer now that she is potty trained, she can get up when she needs to go.
Then one night we didn't have the monitor on. I went in to kiss her goodnight before I went to bed. . .
She was sleeping on toys!! She literally fell asleep playing!
I have no idea how long she was awake! 

She also got her nails done for the first time recently! Bobby dropped me off while he took the kid to the park. When they came back my nail lady, Ann, insisted on doing Capri's. Capri was more then happy to allow her to! Pink with white dots!

We have a little swimmer on our hands I am confident that IF she feel in the pool she would hold her breath and get herself to the edge! It's such a relief! She is also talking in full on sentences! It seems like the past 4 months have been a huge vocabulary explosion!!

She's a little mama! 
OH this little girl has a strong willed ,spunky, spitfire, compassionate, mommy-sense, get dirty wearing her princess dress personality! Both our parents say she is just like each of us! How funny! We must have both been similar!

That smile melts my heart! 
It's time for me to start writing down her saying like I do with J! My favorite right now is, "Mama, I love you so much." 

Saturday, July 19, 2014

VBS: Armor of God

We had a great week hosting VBS! We choose the theme Armor of God because I found a website with all the material and lessons planned out. Click here for the website: Armor of God Lesson Plans
Each mom was assigned one day and one piece of armor. They came up with a craft, snack and outside activity that pertained to the piece of armor. It was seamless all week. The kids really got into it!
*I need to be a little more diligent about taking pictures! I missed a few!

Day 1: The Belt of Truth

Craft: Make a belt out of felt, string, & duct tape. Decorate with things that remind you of the truth God teaches.
Snack: Fruit by the foot
Outside activity: Form a circle, pass a hula hoop from each child to the next. The kids LOVED twisting their body to get through the hula hoop while still holding hands with their friends!

Showing and teaching about a Japanese Beetle!

Day 2: The Shoes of Peace

Craft: Pre-cut shoes out of fun foam, take yarn and lace them. Make sure you use the end of the yarn to make some kind of design for their feet to go through to keep them on. Color the shoes.
Snack: PB & J sandwiches using a shoe cookie cutter, we didn't get a picture. :(
Outside activity: The kids line up at the fence. They each take one of their shoes off, put it inside a hula hoop laid flat on the ground and return to the fence. At 1, 2, 3 the kids run to pick up any shoe. They find the friend it belongs to. A few kids were not ok with giving up their shoes and other kids picking it up! We did not foresee this being an issue!

Day 3: The Breastplate of Righteousness & Sword of the Spirit

Craft: Breastplate: Pre-cut fun foam in the shape of a shield, add string to wear it like a front facing backpack, hot glue lids from cans (tomato sauce, canned veggies, ect.) To show we need to protect our heart. Sword: Cut cardboard in the shape of a sword, cover the handle in duct tape, cover the sword part in tin foil. We didn't get a picture of this :(
Snack: Graham crackers for the breastplate, grapes on a skewer for the sword.
Outside activity: WE made a kid car wash out of PVC and pool noodles. The kids ran through it with their breastplates and swords fighting off the "enemy" (water).

Day 4: Helmet of Salvation

Craft: Piece together pre-cut helmet pieces, decorate with stickers.
Snack: Fruit from the watermelon helmet, fig newtons with frosting to look like a Bible.
Outside activity: The kids wore helmets in a obstacle course while adults bopped them on the head with pool noodles! They really like this activity!

Day 5: Shield of Faith

Craft: Color and decorate paper plates, hot glue pipe cleaner on the back as a handle.
Snack: Cheese and crackers, Shield cookies, strawberries cut in 1/2 to look like a shield. Again, no picture :(
Outside activity: We made shields out of heavy duty cardboard. 1/2 the kids held the shields, 1.2 the kids through water balls or used water squirters to get them! The Daddies got involved!

We had a fabulous week! We ended the week with a barbecue and worship played by some of the daddies!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Heidi-Rae: 3 Month Update


Heidi-Rae is weighing in at 12 pounds! She has some cute little chunk on her legs, arms, and a double chin! Only on a baby can you say those things are cute! Ha!

Her sweet eyes red from coughing :(

We had a bout of sickness run through our house. Heidi had it the worst. Poor girl! She couldn't breathe, she was coughing, it was so hard to watch my sweet girl looking up at me to fix her! It only last a few days and we were back to normal!

Top Left: I feel asleep snuggling, Baby stayed awake! Daddy took a picture, He thought it was hilarious!
Bottom Left: She rarely falls asleep without being rocked. This time she asked for it. The white thing she is snuggling with it called a "froggy" they have them at the hospital. We aren't supposed to take them home. I have no idea how it ended up in our home!
Far Right: She never sleeps on her back! She is just more comfortable on her tummy. I had to get this shot! 

I think we are starting to get somewhat of a schedule of our day. Heidi seems to be pretty consistent with sleeping until 9pm, naps from 11-12pm, 1:30-3pm, and a short one around 6pm. She tends to go to bed around 9pm and wake up for a morning feeding around 5:30am, then she falls asleep again until 9am. You can never get enough sleeping baby pictures!


No more newborn pants! We are all 3 month clothes! And we have made the move to size 2 diapers due to her chunk on her thighs!

Aunt Florence
We also had family visit from Vermont. They were happy to snuggle with my girl!
We have started venturing out a bit when Daddy is working. We hosted a mini VBS (Vacation Bible School) for a week. It was great to have friends here everyday! The kids learned about The Armor of God. Heidi slept for most of it but there were a few times she participated! Here is the link:
VBS: Armor of God. We have also been doing swim lessons for Jeremy and Capri. So each morning we are up and out of the house. I usually run errands on the way. This has been good practice for me. And there is church! I have yet to let Heidi go into her nursery class. But I think we will try it out this week! "They" say it get easier with the more kids you have, "they" lie!

Brotherly/Sisterly Love
I love to have the girls match! 

I just love to watch these 3 create a bond! Heidi-Rae gets such a sweet smile when she sees them!

Our 4th of july outfits a week early at church!
The girls are matching! GUSH!

All breastmilk! I still can't have dairy but I'm getting by. I enjoy almond milk. I have found some ice cream that's really good made from almond milk. I have found that goat's milk doesn't bother her, so I have been using goat cheese. I was going to do goat's milk (it's the closest thing to human milk) but i think money-wise I should stick with almond milk. I also tried "dairy free" cheese. Bleck! I couldn't handle it! I'll just stick with garnishing with goat cheese and avoid other things that are mostly cheese! We are still using probiotics and can tell a difference in her uncomfortableness, gassy-ness, and all around happiness when we miss 2 days in a row.
I'm still too chicken to post a boob shot! I need to get a a modest one!


Heidi took her first dip in the pool this month! it's been so hot. She didn't mind it at all, just snuggled into me. The water was really nice.

We played dress up!
She loves to be close to me and in her carrier. Which I also love! I rarely get alone time with her since she dropped her night time feedings. I was really sad about that. I don't mind getting up in the middle of the night because I got alone time with her. I know this sounds like crazy talk!


I am still struggling here! I have NO time to work out! It's hard to take walks because Jerermy has to be on a bike, which leaves me worrying about him in the street and doesn't make for a good workout, it's more of a fun activity. I should start my 10 minute work out videos. The kids could join me. Ok, I will! At least that's a start! Hold me to it! I'll have a good resort next month under this section. . . hopefully! 

Heidi-Rae BIRTHday: Part 2

2 hours old
In the previous post (found here: Heidi-Rae's BIRTHday), I had just delivered. 

Taking her APGAR scores.
In the top picture, they have oxygen forcing her to breathe.
She was grunting, telling them there was fluid in her lungs.
She was a 1.5 hours old.
We didn't really know what was  going on, expect that she was having trouble breathing. We could hear her grunting. The room was pretty quiet while the NICU doctors tried to figure out what was wrong. Dr. Doung, once again proved how great of a doctor she is, she stayed (even though we knew she had plans at 7:30pm) and watched what they were doing. She told us what was going on. She was very calming!
They finally decided Heidi-Rae (although nameless at this point and would remain that way until 48 hours old! We just couldn't decide!) needed to have an x-ray. They took her to the next room over.
They let me hold her before they took her. 
After an hour, we hadn't heard anything. I was scared, annoyed, frustrated, ect. I sent Bobby to the room to check things out. He took this video to show me how she was doing.
Her breathing broke my heart. After about 3 hours, they decided she needed to be admitted to the NICU while waiting for the chest x-ray results.
We were moved to a postpartum room and I was able to pump at 11pm! I had been asking since I knew she was to be admitted. I was so excited I tok a picture!
A FULL oz of colostrum! 
We went to visit our baby girl right after. You can read the NICU story starting here: Heidi-Rae NICU Day 1. 

Heidi-Rae's BIRTHday!

Heidi-Rae Lauren Martens
April 2, 2014
6lb 7oz, 18in
I love to hear labor stories! It's just amazing to me that EVERY single birth and delivery is different! God works so many miracles in just one birth! I am already 5 weeks past Heidi's BIRTHday! I fear I have forgotten some details!! I better jot them down before I forget any more!

Rewind to Tuesday, April 1, 2014. We were saying how it would be kinda cool to have an April Fool's baby. In the morning, I thought I had a little leakage, aka my water breaking, but it was just a tiny bit and didn't continue throughout the day. I didn't want to go to the hospital until I knew it was the real thing this time, because we had already gone in 4 times (2 of which was not active labor). There were no contractions, despite being up and about ALL day. We even went crusin that night on dirt roads! The next day (April 2) was my weekly check up. My mom was going to watch the kids, but it snowed in Big Bear the night before so she couldn't make it down. We took Jeremy and Capri to the appointment with us!
The doctor asked if I had any leaking. I told her what my day before had looked like. She decided to check, just in case. Sure enough, my water bag was broken and the tests came back positive for Amniotic fluid. I was checked into Labor and Delivery quickly. Bobby rushed back to Riverside to drop the kids off with Danielle (who was watching another friend's daughter! Giving her a grand total of 5 kids! What a great friend!) and rush back to Loma Linda!
Awesome friend! 
Bobby made it back in time for the epidural and things to get started. . .
Or so we thought!
I wasn't having contractions and since my water had been broken for a little over 24 hours, they needed to give me pitocin to jump start labor. Dr. Doung thought it was best to give me the epidural before the pitocin because I had been in labor so many times AND this was my 3rd, they thought I would deliver quickly! Bobby makes it back in less then an hour! Epidural goes in. . . Oh my, was it painful! I have never felt the epidural go in, because I am usually having contractions during the process! Pitocin is started. . . I am dilated to 6cm and stay that way for about 4 hours! What? I thought this was going to happen quickly! The doctor is confused as to why it's taking so long. She checks me a little more in depth. . .

I had a "forebag." A sack of amniotic fluid below the baby's head that leaked yesterday. Since the baby was so low she kinda pinched it and the rest of the bag hadn't broke! Well, the Dr. took care of that, whith a tool that resembled a 8" crotchet hook! Within 20 minutes I was dilated to 9cm. We pushed for 15 minutes and our beautiful baby girl was born at 7:22pm on April 2, 2014!
Love at first sight!
Notice her color, not pink.
In the bottom left, they are rubbing her, quite vigorously,
with a blanket, trying to get her to "pink up.":
For the last few weeks of pregnancy, Bobby was convinced Heidi was a boy. He would say "he" when talking to her or about her. While he was dropping the kids off, I told the doctor this. She cracked up! We had SO many ultra sounds, it was pretty much impossible "her" to be a "him." Nonetheless, she decided to mess with Bobby. As soon as Heidi-Rae came out, she said,
Bobby believed her! He said, "No way, really??" Looking at he baby!
Dr, "NO! You had like 50 ultrasounds!"
Haha! Good times! Our Doctor was awesome! I wish we had a picture with her! But things were a little stressful.
Read the rest of the story here: Heidi-Rae BIRTHday: Part 2

Heidi-Rae: 2 Month Update


We had Heidi's 2 month check up and shots. She weighed in at 10lbs 15oz and 22 inches long. Shots were brutal. We believe in shots (See this post on vaccines) but on a slow schedule. However, since we are flying in August, I'm nervous about her catching some respiratory disease and kicking myself because it was something that could have been prevented. There are nasty germs on airplanes and being stuck in a cabin for hours with who knows what. . . not a risk I wanted to take with my sweet girl. So, she got 5 shots. . . I KNOW! 5! That's is SO many! And she will get the same in August right before we leave. Then the 6 month ones will be spaced out. She is starting to fill out a little!


Thankfully we have been in the clear! We have one healthy babe!


Little miss still sleeps a majority of the day. She's awake for a few hours here and there. We love our time with her! She has dropped one night time feeding. When she goes to bed about 9pm, she sleeps until 3am. She loves to sleep in our bed, What baby doesn't love the smell of Daddy and Mommy! She doesn't sleep all night. Mostly just for naps. I'm worried to have her in there at night because the older 2 end up with us by 6am and they might pounce on her! Notice the "Jeremy Noah" hoppy?? It was my intention to have each kid's name engraved. . . That didn't work out!
She received her blanket from Zia!
All the kids have a special blanket they sleep with! 

Patriotic Baby!

We are into the 0-3month and 3 month bin! Newborn clothe are put away. Well, except for pants. She is still a little tiny in the length and waste.


She goes every where with me! I haven't left her yet. I take that back, I have gone to get my nails done and she stayed with Bobby. She came on our anniversary trip with us. She is a doll. She just goes with the flow. Gigi comes to visit often.

Brotherly/Sisterly Love
He was singing to her! 
Capri loves to hold her! 

The older ones still adore Heidi-Rae. Capri doesn't realize how strong she is. I really have to watch her. She asks to hold Heidi multiple times a day! She runs to get a pacifier as soon as she cries. Jeremy sits next to her in the car. He is so patient and gentle if she needs something. He gets excited when she falls asleep after he has helped her!

She loves to fall asleep where she can smell milk! HA!

100% breastmilk! I had to take dairy out of my diet. And we have started on probiotics. The are the opposite of "antibiotics." It's common with baits that had strong antibiotics when they were first born, to have trouble digesting. The antibiotic destroys all the good and bad antibodies in their body to kill off the infection. Probiotics help rebuild the good antibodies to help her digest easier. Heidi is really gassy! But with no dairy and probiotics, she has been doing much better. When I have a hint of dairy, I can tell. We give her mint water to soothe her tummy. It's amazing how well it works, almost instantly.

Just beautiful!

Our little girl is smiling!! We love it, the kids love it! Everybody that catches a glimpse of it, just adores it!
Not too big of a fan of Tummy Time. We are working with her! 
Heidi has started to enjoy her time watching the lights on her little star!
It won't be long before she is grasping at toys under here! AHHH!

Girls Day! The boys were helping someone out this day.

Call me crazy, but I think she knows she is the third! She had lungs that let you know she needs or wants something! She loves to be snuggled! Which, I don't always have the time for! Needless to say, I wear her in my carrier very often! Especially she we go out and about. It's the only way to stay sane with 3 kids in a public place!


This has been a struggle with me! I know I will get there. But at this point, I'm basically wearing anything has an elastic waist: yoga pants, skirts, & dresses that are nursing friendly.