Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Monday, March 7, 2011

New in the Mini-Mart Household....

I thought I'd have time to post more often! At least, once a week! Yikes! I have fallen behind!
Well, the past few weeks have been busy!  Our "shockproof" camera broke when Jeremy dropped it! So bare with the pictures from my phone.....
  • I will start with Jeremy...since that's why most of you tune in! .... He just amazes us every day! God has given him such a sweet personality! He is very curious! I could sit and watch him learn all day long and not get anything done! He is finally over his viral infection. It lingered for 4 weeks! Kinda my fault..... I forgot about a prescription the doctor called in the last time we were there! Bad Mommy!! Poor guy, was sick for 2 weeks longer! But we got the right one and he is much better. We are back on his regular schedule. He learned how to "High 5"today. I only showed him a few times this morning and when we went to have lunch with Daddy at work he remembered! Makes a Momma proud! He is a great eater. He has eaten everything we have given him, so far! Including artichokes! He loves them, seriously devours them. He still hates pureed food (I tested it and he spit it out at me!) As long as we give him chunks, he's happy. Still no teeth! 10 months old and not teeth! Daddy thinks he's waiting until he's done nursing.... What a sweet boy! And what a little talker we have... go figure..... he just babbles all day long. Loves when random people (in stores, at church, on walks....) talk to him. He just blabs right back. Little J has also learned he can control the pitch of his voice and loves to hear his echo! Our playroom echos and he loves to squeal in it to hear himself. It really is cute....I'm sure when the high pitch gets old I will not be saying that and I will be asking him to use "his inside voice." Ha!

  • Bobby was able to finish the wall unit he has been working on! It's huge! And perfect! I feel like there is a place for everything now! I was going a little nuts with all our stuff every where. I am so thankful for the skills my husband has to build and fix anything! 
  • We have had the pleasure of a playdate every week with Ashlynn. She has been coming over once, sometimes twice a week. Jeremy just loves her! He gets so excited when she comes over and they play together so well! Last week I over booked myself with having Jeremy (of course!), Sierra, Ashlynn, a physical therapy appointment, and picking a friend's kids up from school all before 2pm....on a day Bobby was working!! I called my mom!! Thank you so much Mom for helping out last week! 
They are so sweet together!
  • Sierra's special day is Tuesdays! She comes over for a sleepover and we take her to school on Wednesday mornings. Last week we got to have her stay with us a few days! We loved it! Jeremy also loves her company! He laughs a deep little belly laugh when he sees her being goofy! It melts my heart! 
Well, there is the nutshell of the past few weeks! We are anxiously waiting for Chris and Elise to come visit and met Baby J! We are sure to have a post about their visit!
Thanks for tuning in! XOXO

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