Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy 29th Bobby! SURPRISE!!

Bobby turns 29 this year! I gave him a SURPRISE party! 

Highlights included: 

Bobby has always talked about wanting a "adult piñata" that can be hit with a metal bat.
A friend helped make a pinata durable enough!
Filled with KING size candy bars, of course! 
All the Hottie Wenches dressed to Kill!

Bobby's gift from his parents:
The first block and motor for our block wall!
Great idea!
(UPDATE: wall was finished 2 years later!)
Bobby's sweet, sweet grandparents! 
I will say. . . this will be the last surprise party I throw for him! It was so stressful planning, paying for and putting things together behind his back! I had to make up a few lies to get through the planning process! ti was much too difficult! I am happy I did it, just once though! We had a blast. 

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