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Mini Marts
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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

All kinds of paint. . . *

We are replacing the windows in the front bedrooms. Advice to anyone in the market: If the house needs new windows. . . Save up the money and Replace your windows before you move in! Our house was built in 1973. . . single pane windows = breezy, cold in winter - hot in summer, as soon as the air/heat turns off the house instantly gets hot/cold. It's messy to replace them while living in the house and keeping a toddler and infant away. Plus, it's really difficult to go down to 2 bedrooms from 4! There are toys, beds, linen everywhere! BUT I do need to praise my husband for getting the work done as fast and efficient as possible! And he is so sweet to let J "help" him!

So today was day 7 if construction. We have the windows in, dry wall up, texture on . . . now the painting and decorating! The FUN part! I have realized I can't decorate a bedroom without going ALL out! See this post on the nursery! I will have the finished product of J's room here. 

Jeremy had a blast today with all different kinds of paint to use:
They are so cute together!
You may be gwaking at that color,
Wait until you see the finished product!

The boys were over to play while Danielle did the artist part of J's room!
We found a giant box for the boys to go to town on!
He got a little crazy with the paint! It was on his tongue too! Oy!
We finished the day with colored shaving cream in the bathtub!

This kid just keeps getting cuter!  I can't get over it!

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