Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Heidi-Rae Update: 10 Months

She loves the trampoline!
See her litte bitty hand? That's a GrenBay tatoo!

6 teeth!
Heidi is keeping a steady weight of 18 pounds. e had her 9 month appoint this month! He said she isn't steadily climbing the scale. She is in the 25th percentile but not gradually climbing up. He's not concerned, just said it was worth mentioning and keeping an eye on.

"What that wasn't me, it was the other baby in the house!"

We have been healthy since the last post! We struggled through that sickness and lingering cough! Impetigo is completely gone.


Not much change here. She has started to wake up around midnight, again. She wants milk most of the time. On nights Daddy is home he is usually able to get her back to sleep.


Since she isn't growing too rapidly, we have 6 month sleepers and onesies she still fits. We borrowed a friend's 9 month clothes since our bin is MIA.


We continue to be on the go! Heidi went down the kiddie slope on skis with GiGi! And we got together with the all the babies born in the fire department last year! There were 12! WOW!

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

Capri is still quite rough with Heidi. She just loves her so much she is overwhelming and forgets to be gentle. Sadly, it results in Heidi being upset. We are working through this! Jeremy is pretty much the opposite! He is very gentle. He sits next to her in the car and is ever so sweet and patient when she is not happy in the car!


We are still on an every 3 hour nursing pattern. We have tried to introduce foods but she gags on just about everything! Anything not milk or water with probiotics she gags, sometimes to the point of vomiting! Drama queen! We are going to wait and try again next month. She doesn't NEED food at thins point, it's just for her pallet.


We have a stander! She is quite good at balancing on her own! She loves to be "walked." She no longer ikea her walker or jumper. She knows she can move on her own and does not like to be put in something that doesn't allow her freedom!


I love to watch her little mind think. She finds something that moves or she can move and she focuses on it. I often wonder what she is thinking, what she is learning.

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