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Mini Marts
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Thursday, April 9, 2015

Heidi-Rae Update: 12 Months

Oh my goodness! Somebody catch me before I faint! 1 YEAR!!!! Just kidding, I'm not going to faint! That was quite dramatic. But, holy cow! This year was WAY. TO. FAST.
It goes by faster with each one. . .


From what I can tell, Little Miss has not gained weight since her last check up. We don't have a scale, so that is based on me holding her! Who knows how accurate that is! She has an appointed at the end of the month. . . we'll see what he says. He was a bit concerned at the 9 month appointment because she hadn't gained weight since 6 months. I'm not that concerned. She's just a tiny one!


Lawd Hammercy on us in the sickness department for the next few months! Please?? This month we had a bad cold of some sort followed the next week by a stomach bug! I'm trying to keep patient but, to be honest, it's wearing thin! At this moment in life, we are all healthy!!  I would love for it to stay this way!


During the sickness we were getting up several times a night to nurse because she was so uncomfortable. Since that has passed, Heidi is sleeping from 8pm - 5am! This has really helped my patience!! Praise Jesus!! She naps in the morning from 10am-11am and then from 1:30pm-3:30pm. We just love this timing!


I think we have pretty munch put away all the 6 month stuff. I am ready to put the 9 month time away and get 12 month just for variety! #firstworldproblems I know! That sounds terrible! Buuuut I know there are some CUTE 12 month clothes up there just waiting for us! She kinda swims in this size but that's ok, right?? Bobby thinks I'm crazy. . . You all might also. . . That's ok! :)


Let's see this month. . . We had a fun visit from my Aunt Juli from Vermont, Daddy had the kids for an entire day while I went wedding dress shopping with my lovely cousin, we celebrated Kailyn's 1st birthday, and we went to a butterfly day at a nature center!
Whew! Although, all these events were SO fun. . . it's tiring to always be "on the go." The next few months my goal is to embrace the title "Stay at home Mom." I want to stay home much more and embrace watching my kids interact and love on each other. There is so much I can learn from them by watching them learn. I love that part of being a Mommy.

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

We'll start with Jeremy. . . He adores Heidi! He is there to help in any way needed, always asking what he can do for her, he loves to "help" her around. He has the funniest jokes that make her get a deep belly giggle! She just loves him!

Capri LOVES Heidi. . . sometimes a little too much! WE have to really watch how rough she is. WE talk with her often about being gentle and she says, "But I just love her so much and she is just so cute, I have to squeeze her." Yikes!! It's really sweet to watch them play with babies or their tea set together! Of course, Hedid is just tossing things around and chewing but Capri thinks she is a great participant! She carries on a conversation with her just as if the yard really having tea together! I love to think about what kind of sisterly relationship is in the works!


We finally got over our gagging problem. We still only give her small pieces on there tray but she loves to feed herself. She really loves fruit squeezes, tomatoes and eggs!  She is still nursing just about every 3 hours. At night before bed I pump 5 ounces. . . I assume that 's what she is eating during the day. The day I was gone, she only took two 6 ounce bottles and no food. But she nursed like crazy when I got home. I love her passion for breastfeeding, it matches mine! Ha!!


Little bit is preferring walking over crawling these days. She says "Hi", "Mama" and "Dada." She signs milk (quite passionately) and please. We are to the point where she isn't putting everything in her mouth, somethings but not EVERYthing! Which allows her to be a little more independant. She loves to climb in and out of the car we have outside. She give wet, open mouth kisses, they melt my heart!


My little mama's girl still loves and prefers her mama over everyone. I adore this quality! She is a climber! I have to watch what we leave out, if she can get a foothold, she's going up! Heidi is a little aggressive when she doesn't get what she wants, like, oh, I don't know, the battery she is chewing on! I tell ya, the things she finds to chew on!! When I take it away she gets MAD! I have to stop her from hitting my often! She has found that she can change the pitch of her voice! She loves to sing! "Let it Go" is her favorite, by default thanks to big sister! And dance! I love to see her little body shaking to the beat.

Well, these posts will come to an end next month. We'll keep the monthly updates but they will be much more brief and more personality driven. Their personality really starts to enhance in the next few months! I can't wait to see what Heidi has in store for us!!
Happy Birthday my sweet girl!! 

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