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Mini Marts
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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A visit with Zia! & Jeremy says "UP"

Earlier this month Jeremy and I took a trip to Northern California to visit with Zia! Aka Joanna! She is my cousin, maid of honor, and one of Jeremy's favorite people. She bought him his favorite sleepy blanket! We stayed with her mom, MaryLee or Auntie Tart, as she was named after this trip! We had a relaxing few days. Great food, got to see MaryLee's horse, visit MaryLee's mom, and Joanna and I got pedicures and went out for drinks while Auntie Tart babysat J! It was a fun trip! 

And. . .  . Exciting news to share!

Mark it down in the baby book!! (or on the blog (6/23/111)... haha) 
Our Little Boy's first word is "UP"
He says it at the right time.... and sometimes in his babble! I can't believe he is walking and talking!! Time is flying by too fast!!
Here he is in action:

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