Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 Week Vacation! (Part 1)*

Gorgeous scenery! 

Whew! We have had quite the summer! We went to Maine to help, be in and coordinate my cousin's wedding! It was beautiful! My family got to see Jeremy and meet Capri! Jeremy was absolutely ecstatic about going on an airplane! Capri did great. She slept at the right times, ate at the right times, she wasn't fussy at all!
Top Left: Snacks are a toddler's best friend
Top Right: Capri giving me smiles!
Bottom Left: Taking off
Bottom Right: Activities to keep him busy

Jeremy was sick a few days before we left. We thought it had subsided by Friday when we were flying. He did well on the flight. But when we got there (Saturday) he was not acting like himself. He was out of energy and rapidly going down hill. After a full 24 hours of vomiting and diarrhea we decided he needed to see a doctor. They immediately gave him an IV and ran tests. He lost 3 pounds in 4 days! Thank God all tests came back positive! He just needed some rehydration and a few days to rest!
Top Left: The hospial was so good to us. Toast, apple juice, 
dvd player with Thomas, chair for Daddy, teddy bear!
Top Right: I love the snuggles when he is sick. but it breaks my heart
Bottom Left: Daddy and his girl.
Bottom Right: My little boy looks so small!

The recovery process:

Top Left: Capri needed a bath!
Top Right: Watching You Tube videos of fire engines. You can tell his weight loss in his face.
Bottom Left: Learning the sign for "bug."
Bottom Center: Daddy and C taking a nap together.
Bottom Right: Sticker project GiGi made for J.
I am realizing these days were so crazy for us, we don't even have pictures of Chris and Elise, the fun walks we took, the midnight trips to Dunkin Donuts or their gorgeous wedding! But I did manage to steal a few off Elise's Facebook:

The "I do's"

It was so sweet to see family and catch up!
Papa Bear giving J a gift!
A train puzzle that makes train sounds!

Grandma Bear getting snuggles!

We did some sight-seeing:
That's the Lighthouse from Forest Gump!

The plane trip back:

That was the first 12 days. . . Stay tuned for the next 8 days (Part 2).

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