Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Saturday, September 29, 2012

3 Week Vacation (Part 2)*

We tried for a better family shot but Jeremy wouldn't cooperate!
We will look back and laugh at this one day!

The first 10 days can be found here: Part 1

We flew to Maine for 12 days and had a 24 hour turn around to pack and get on the road (supposed to be an 8 hour drive, ended up taking 10 because the kids needed breaks) to drive to Lake Powell for a 7 day houseboat trip with the Martens side of the family!

I must say, I am very impressed with the amount of pictures we took this trip. We are not the best at making sure we take the time to photograph the memories! But it took me so long to get this post up because I has SO many pictures to go through to choose the best!
Top Left: Mommy and Capri packing lounging!
Top Right: Jeremy sleeping on the way! This was the first coffee pit stop.
Bottom Left: After a few sleep patches, at least he woke up with a smile!
Bottom Right: The sunrise! Beautiful

The Arrival:

Top Left: Daddy and Jeremy on the first beach we stopped.
Top Center: Capri enjoying the sunshine!
Top Right: Sierra and Jeremy sight seeing as we boated around.
Bottom Left: The boat had a hose that pulled lake water. The kids LOVED it! Genius idea!
Bottom Center: The grandparents driving the boat.
Bottom Right: Bobby catching some zzzs after a 10 hour middle of the night drive. 

The scenery was incredible!
Top Left: Thunder storm we were caught in! We just circled around a cove.
Center Left: First sunset.
Bottom Left: Thunder storm on the way home
Cool panorama setting on our camera!

B caught the first fish!
Jeremy was pretty proud of his too! (psst. . . it's bait!)

Family Time:
Top Left: Mommy and Capri lounging!
Top Middle: Us
Top Right: Auntie and Sierra
Bottom Left: Coffee on the sand after Dad was feeling much better.
Bottom Center: Jeremy driving the boat.
Bottom Right: Jackie and I
Top Left: Is that not precious! Papa and Capri.
Top Right: Daddy and Capri taking a nap together!
Bottom Left: A family that pumps together, stays together! Ha!
Sierra, Bobby and Garrett pumped the septic tank! They were great sports about it!
Bottom Middle: So precious when he sleeps!
Bottom Right: Swimming!

Left: First time Capri was in the water. She was not happy!
Top Right: Second time she loved it!
Bottom Left: Bathing Capri. It was a family event! Jeremy was so sweet, helping.

The kids had a great time:
Top Left: Sierra and Capri hanging out
Top Center: Lifting a rock (not really)
Top Right: Jeremy playing at night with a head lamp
Center Right: Cool with their shades
Center: Sierra navigating
Bottom Left: "I'm King of the World"
Bottom Right: Eating frozen Capri Suns.


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