Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Friday, September 19, 2014


We rented a tractor to move the dirt for the last time, little did we know Bobby's dad intended to build a 100' Slip-N-Slide before the final steps were done to the back yard! It was SO MUCH FUN!! Especially considering it was 106* that day! Whew!

It started with everybody going on their own but it was too rocky. We were getting scratched up. Bobby (my brilliant, amazing husband) called the guy we got our CARPET from and asked if he was throwing any away! He had an entire dumpster FULL! Bobby got enough to cover the length of the SNS. That was much better!

The kids didn't have enough meat on their bones to get all the way to the bottom, so the Daddies and Grandpa (that guys is SO agile for being a grandpa, it's amazing) ran full speed with the kids holding on and flew ALL the way down!

Bottom Middle:
Another solution to get the kids to the bottom:
The kids would go, grownups right behind to give them speed she they got 1/2 way down.

The babies played too!
To beat the heat they were in diapers and sucking on ice filled wash cloths!

This was definitely a day to remember, kids and adults! 
Thanks, Grandpa! 

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