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Mini Marts
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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Heidi-Rae 5 & 6 Month Update

So precious!

It's been a whirlwind of a few months! We went on a 2 week vacation to see family on the East Coast! Plus, taking the reins of 3 kids has got me busy, busy, busy! Without further a due . . .


We are weighing in at a whooping 16 pounds! At 5 months Capri was 17 pounds. The thighs! The thighs! That picture doesn't do them justice! I'll have to get another one for next month!


We had a little bout of stuffiness when w came home from vacation. Probably due to the clean air we were in then coming back into the smog! BLAH! Other then that, Heidi is in good health. I still keep dairy out of my diet. I ate some cheese on vacation, testing the waters, NO BUENO! I'll just keep it out until she's one! We are still on probiotics about once a day. On occasion, I forget and we are every other day for a week. Jeremy accidentally kicked her while walking over her! The picture above is her little injury! The first time she bled, aside from while in the hospital! SO sad!


Again, I have to blame vacation! It disrupted the sleeping pattern! She's awake around 7am, naps from 10am-11am, 1:30pm-3pm, 6pm-6:30pm, and bed around 8pm. She also wakes up around 11pm and 5am to eat. This is not always consistent, it just seems to be what she wants at this point. I don't mind the middle of the night feedings. I love to get snuggles with her that I miss out on during the day with the other 2 monkeys running around.
We switched her from hr bassinet to the pack n play in our room. She loves to sleep with her blanket! We lost it on vacation, ordered another one, and sent it to my Aunt's house. Crazy, huh? The good thing was, she was ok going to sleep with one if the other kid's blankets, they were so sweet to share.
Side note: I'm selling the bassinet. The sad reality of no more babies is setting in. Adoption is still on the table. But since it's not for sure, I decided we can use the pack 'n play if we adopt a baby. It's easier to store! But selling the bassinet is a harsh reality.

One of my favorite outfits from Capri!
Thank you Zia!

I have put the 3 month clothes away. We are into 3-6m and 6m. I was ok with this. I was ready for a change in her wardrobe! We have some pretty cute and fashionable things! Mostly due to hand-me-downs! Isn't is amazing how God provides?!


I have to say we aren't out and about as often as I was with Capri and definitely not as much as with Jeremy. We are more home bodies as the kids multiply! We have playdates here and there. I really want to do Musical Munchkins with Heidi (and Capri for that matter) but the timing doesn't work out and I don't have someone to watch the other 2 while I'm in class with the one. Does that make sense? Anyway. . . it's ok. We do LOTS of music at home. Heidi does get to hang out with her Kailyn often! Mostly at our nail appointments! I love to think about the close bond they could have when they are older!

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

These 3 continue to melt my heart! I almost get choked up watching them intact together!


Not much has changed here. We are still on Breast milk. We will probably introduce food, more experimental then filling, around 10 months. Breast milk is fully sufficient for her nutrition up to a year. I feel like waiting that long would hinder a "try everything" approach.


Heidi-Rae is rolling over, playing with toys, giggling, laughing, tracking with her eyes, knows all of our voices (me, Daddy, Jeremy & Capri). AND she had her first airplane ride! She did phenomenal!


Heidi has such a sweet personality. She is a "go with the flow" type of girl. She loves to be entertained by her siblings. She doesn't like to be in a room alone. The second we all leave a room (not intentionally) she cries. She loves to be in the baby carrier right next to Mommy or Daddy.


Oh I really don't like this part! Why did I put this in here?! It's SO much harder to bounce back with #4! My body just doesn't want to get back there without ALOT of work. I was doing great with my workout videos I mentioned in the last update (4 months), I was feeling more toned and better about myself. BUT then my knee started acting up again! I had knee surgery in 2011 to remove a plika growth. I think it's back! Whomp, whom! So, working out, bending down with the kids, driving stick shift all hurt it! My next venture is Yoga! I think that will help me tone and be low impact on my knee! I'll let you know next month!

A few more shots of my sweet girl!

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