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Mini Marts
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Monday, June 29, 2015

Roadtrip to Arizona!

Heidi didn't get the 'funny face' memo.

We took a road trip to Arizona to visit a long time friend: Gimbo.
Rewind 15(ish) years ago:
Her family calls her all different names. . . Emily, Ashley, AshleyJane, AJ. I got confused. So, I came up with a random name to call her: Gimbo. She calls me Bobby. Then I married a Bobby! That got confusing! So, I am Bobby #1 and he is Bobby #2. . . .

Back to real time:
I haven't seen her in ages! She and her husband just moved back from Germany (he's in the Airforce.) And the are due to have their first baby in May! They bought a house that needs some work. Bobby has some skills in the construction department! It was such a great trip! We went to some great places while the guys worked! The nights we filled with fun games!

We got to celebrate the 27th week of pregnancy with them!
On the way, we met my sister and her kids at Chick-Fil-A. We had a fun visit with them.

Our first stop was a super cool kids museum! We had a blast! I mean, it was so much fun! There were things for all ages. . . Including adults!

Top Left: Large domino-type blocks. We made a domino line all the way around the room!
Top Right; Heidi-Rae climbing up the indoor slide
Middle Left: I love being a Mommy!
Middle Right: They had an entire room set up like a grocery store and house.
The kids really enjoying 'shopping' for dinner and taking it home to 'cook'!
Bottom Row: Playing on the indoor playground.

This was the "Hero" Room
A fire engine, ambulance and police bike to ride and play on

This was our favorite part!
There was air blowing through the tubes.
They had balls and scarves to put in at different places.
You could change the route it was taking by switching a door
and then it spit the ball or scarf out in different spots.
 We took a visit to a Framer's Market and a short hike up to the top of the "A."
4 adults, 3 kids and we FORGOT Jeremy's shoes! There was a store nearby that sold Moccasins! Red, no less! It was a fun adventure!

WE went to a nearby park and fed the ducks!

Every kids LOVES the swings!
The serious family photo!

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