Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Heidi-Rae 15 months

This girl keeps us on our feet! She loves to climb EVERYTHING!
We have had to curve her screaming!
She loves her Mommy! I may have a Mommy's girl for life (knock on wood.)
She loves every new sign we teach her. She is so excited to learn and use it! It's really fun to watch.
Little Miss loves to sing! Her favorite (because she has a bing sister) is Let it Go!
Daddy loves coffee. So does Heidi-Rae. With the other 2, I would have stopped it but, I don't have time! He only gives her a few little sips. And, what's more, he drinks it black! It's not even sweet!
Heidi can read emotions like no other baby I have seen. She watches the room, she watches people. She feels sadness when she sees someone sad, she is happy when she sees them laughing. It's amazing to watch!
She also, loves to nurse! We are down to about 4 times a day but I don't see her letting it go anytime soon! Which, warms my mommy heart!

I love knowing she is my last baby and getting to really absorb her growing up.

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