Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Friday, November 20, 2015

A Family Visit to The East Coast

The thing about most of your family living on the East Coast is that it's BIG vacation when you make it out there! We get to see SO many loved one all at once!
Motorhome living

The trips was divided into 3 legs. We flew across the US and rented a motorhome for 2 legs and stayed at family's house for the 3rd leg.

Flight on the way there.
 All 3 kids did great on the flights. We had a 2 hour layover, which had planned. We like the option to get out of the plane and let the kids run. It works great every time! I made the kids all kinds of little "to-dos." Capri slept most of the time in the air!

The many faces of Capri Renee.
The first leg was to my grandparents! We went to the Apple Cider Mill to see cinder and donuts being made! We watch bees making honey and played on an old tractor.

The next day we went to the Ben and Jerry's factory!
The picture with Heidi-Rae and my grandmother (her namesake) is so dear to my heart! My grandmother's name is Raelene. <3

My grandparents 50th wedding anniversary!
Look at the whole family!
And look at how in love they STILL are!!

There is a fun creek and waterfall behind the place the party was. Jeremy was insisting on going swimming.
Bobby (what a great Daddy) went in with him. The water was FREEZING!!
Jeremy only jumped once! 
The 2nd leg was to see my dad and his family!

We went on a harbor cruise.
Its was beautiful! 

We went to see my cousin's wife and her girls.
My dad is a bus driver!
He took Jeremy on his route with him!
What a treat!
The 3rd leg was to see more family in Boston! We dropped the motorhome off, grabbed Gigi, and headed to Boston in a rented minivan! 

A beach day! Fun on a carousel!

Heading Home
One last Dunkin Donuts before heading West
Capri getting a ride
Our sweet friend were housesitting... They made a banner and dinner for us!
The kids were happy to be home, snuggling!
Capri sleeping on the plane!

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