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Mini Marts
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Friday, November 20, 2015

Yosemite... 2013

This post is Looooong overdue! I've had the pictures waiting to be posted for years! Opps!
None the less!! This trip was so wonderful! We spent a week campaign in Yosemite with some of our best friends! It was a rural, rustic campground. No bathrooms or showers. It was along a creek and had outhouses. The scenery was gorgeous!
The drive! We packed a ton of fun things to do on the way.
We hit some traffic because of a fire.
 The O'Rafferty's trailer blew a tire on the way up! Slight set back. We ended up staying the night at a hotel, swimming, and eating pizza! It was a fun detour! The tires were fixed in the morning and we were on our way again..... About 2 hours later, while 30 minutes away from the campground, the O'Rafferty's truck started smoking! We were driving up the mountain and needed to pull over. Thankfully, it only needed transmission fluid. We found a town to purchase it. An hour or so later we were on our way... again.... Once we arrived and set up camp, we went for a bike ride!
Capri fell asleep during our ride! She stayed alseep for quite a while back at a camp.

The beautiful landscape.

Fun climbing.
The creek we bathed in! 

That top right picture is SO sweet to me!
It was a little difficult to wash our hair because the creek was pretty cold (snow melt!), so we didn't!
But by day 4, we felt gross! Our hair was greedy!
Our sweet husbands planned to wash our hair while the kids slept that day!
They warmed water and set up a chair and bucket!

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