Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Princess Day

Look at this Beauty! 

I've realized since Heidi-Rae was born, I haven't spent much one on one time with Capri. Bobby really wanted to send us on a Princess Day to Disneyland. I was hesitant because of the price! A friend came across discount tickets and that was all we needed! We booked her an appointment to get her hair done at the Bippity Boppity Boutique and were all set! I didn't tell her where we were going, just that we would be gone all day and it was just she and I!

There are SO many pictures but I just couldn't narrow it down! She was incredibly surprised when we arrived. We got there a little early, so we went to get a treat at Starbucks. While talking over breakfast, Capri was worried Jeremy would feel bad that he couldn't be there. She called him to say Hi and wanted to get him al little gift! What a sweetie! I asked what she wanted to do all day. Her response was, "Go on the carousel and meet the Fairy Godmother."
On the drive
When she figured out where we were going
On the tram
Getting Hair Done

Make up and Nails
She loves to be the center of attention! 

Before and after!
The after is so cute and the day was fun
But I prefer the before on an every day basis! 
Next, We headed to see the Princesses. . . .

Belle asked her favorite book. . . . 

Cinderella gave her dancing lessons. . . . 

Snow White taught her a song....

Aurora taught her to talk with the animals.
She love Sleeping Beauty's hair.
It was time for some rides! 
The carousel brought SO much excitement!

Toon Town

We waited in SUCH a long line to meet Mickey!
And play peek-a-boo.

She loved Minnie's house! 
We got lunch and since we had been up since 5:30am, I had Capri lay down to take a nap. I got her all settled in the stroller, then I saw The Fairy Godmother!!! I had to let her get up! 
That smile says it all!

She settled into a 2 hour slumber!
I got some snacks, found a shady spot and read a book!
We snuggled for quite while when she woke up! 
The rest of the day we played, laughed, joked.   IT. WAS. SO. MUCH. FUN

She just HAD to take a picture on the fire truck for Daddy!

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