Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Birthday Party for ALL

We did it again! WE had  combined birthday! I know I say this every year.... But  love it! With all of our birthdays within 15 weeks of each other, it would be incredibly stressful to throw 3 separate birthday and the occasional parent birthday celebration! The kids love it, friends and family appreciate it. 

This year, we invited the kids' close friends and cousins to Romp-O-Roma. Believe me when I tell you this place is so FUN!!!! They are an indoor playground with 3 stories, trampolines, pretend city, and a ball room with shooters!! The pictures show how much fun the kids had! 

The Fab 4

Pretend City & Dance Class

Totally parent involvement

CAKE time!
I made little cake balls with edible gold glitter!

The children LOVED Them!!
We will still celebrate each kid on their birthday and have grandparents over. Jeremy and Capri will being doing their Random Acts Of Kindness! Heidi will start hers next year. Stay tuned! 

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