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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Our Sweet Heidi-Rae

Look into those sweet eyes! The make this Mama heart just melt! 

Last year was a crazy hard year, health wise, for Heidi-Rae . . . and parents. It started with being admitted to the PICU with pneumonia. Her blood test 2 days after she was released showed highly elevated white blood count of 1.1 Million, normal is 200k. This is assumed if you have an infection. However, she was getting better from the infection and the blood count was much higher then even a normal infection, normal infection would have been 500k. From there we had to have monthly, sometimes every 2 week, blood tests. It's so difficult to hold a one year old down while she is getting a blood draw. There was one test that took an hour and the blood clotted so we had to redraw it 2 days later! It was heartbreaking. About 1/2 way into the year, Heidi's hematologist died of a heart attack. So, so sad!
We asked to be referred to a hematologist at Loma Linda. With a lot of prayer we went in and came out with answered prayers!!! The blood tests were down significantly (although, still high) and the doctor said we could stop the blood tests and check back in with her in a year!! We were incredibly thankful! I realize there are parents that have much, much worse health conditions the are dealing with and I don't want to seem like I am down playing them. I am just thankful to be in the clear. All Glory be unto God for hearing our prayers!
This is after one of the hour long draws...
She deserved the whole basket of lollipops!

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