Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Saturday, August 27, 2016

Jeremy turns 6

Jeremy choose Ribs, macaroni and cheese and broccoli to celebrate his 6th birthday!
In all my years dreaming of being a mommy... it was always to 5 and under! I feel like infants through kindergarten is my niche... We are stepping into uncharted territory! I am ready to take the bull by he horns (the literacy of that phrase scares me a little) and help my little boy grow into a man after God's heart! His Daddy is a great example of a family man. Jeremy is always by his side, morning the law, fixing the chicken coop, cooking, playing sports, etc. His memory amazes us. He memorized over 30 Bible verses for Awana this year.
Bobby was working on his actual birthday, so we went to the station to have Chick-Fil-A... Bobby bought silly string, invited his partner's kids and ambushed Jeremy! It was epic! They also got donuts for dessert!

Left: Silly string Ambush
Middle Top: WE walked to the store, they all got to pick one thing to buy... carrot, apple, and pear!
Middle Bottom: Daddy had donuts and candles!
Right Top: Capri wrote a chalk board note
Right Bottom: Friends celebrating at the station

Jeremy's 6 Acts of Kindness:

1. Take coffee and donuts to Grandpa's work site.

2. Make paper airplanes for Dillon and Drew

3. A surprise he wouldn't tell me about..... It was a paper that said "I <3 <3 <3 <3 Mom" 4 hearts for love!! SO sweet!

4. Give oranges to the neighbors. Didn't get a photo :(

5. Send dessert to a family at a restaurant. Red Robbin

6. Make lemonade and banana bread for our next door neighbor, Marlene.

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