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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Taking a Look Back: Jeremy's Bed Rest and Labor*

This story is broken into 4 different posts. This is the second. See the first post here:

Taking a Look Back: Jeremy's Pregnancy

Doctor's order are strict bed rest. This means mostly in a reclined position. I can get up to pee and a 10 minutes shower each day, I can go in for weekly doctor's visits.  We are trying to keep as much weight off my cervix as possible to prevent further dilation. I am also continuing on the Procardia, anti-contraction medication. 

33 weeks: The first week goes by very well! It's hard to stay only in bed and ask for everything. My back is killing me from the position and I find it hard to sleep at night, since i am not using any energy during the day. I have Sierra (3 year old niece that lives with us) here to keep me company when she's willing to sit still and talk or watch a movie! Jackie (B's sister, Sierra's mom, that lives with us) is taking great care of me so that Bobby can still work his regular days. My mom has been here quite a bit also. My friend Danielle is painting the nursery. She brings her 3 week old son along! So fun to get to know him and snuggle with him during the days! 
"And in the morning' I'm makin' waffles!
My mom and Sierra making fresh toast!

34 Weeks: I go to my doctor appointment. Great news! I haven't dilated any further and the medication seems to be working. I get to head home for another week! Our goal is 36 weeks. So we need 2 more weeks! Come back next Friday for another check up!
This was 4 days before I delivered
Jackie and Sierra feeling the baby move.

4/22/10 Thursday (the day before my next check up)
12pm: My water breaks. Now this wasn't a huge gush! It was an odd, leaky feeling. I go to the bathroom thinking that I just didn't get up in time. Come out and it happens again! I tell Jackie and Danielle, who happened to be in my room, just chatting with me. They are very excited. I found this to be an odd reaction.  I was scared! I called the doctor, who's office was closed because it was 12pm, lunchtime! She calls back within 1/2 hour and tells me to come in. We call Bobby to come home from work and meet us at the hospital. I decide to take a shower first. I am not in any pain and I'm not having contractions. B beat us to the hospital. We arrive around 1:30pm. B has me all checked in, all I have to do is sign and they take me back into a room. I test positive for amniotic fluid, yes my water did, in fact, break. Which means I need to deliver the baby within 24 hours or they will need to do a C-Section because the risk of infection to the baby is too high. 
7:30pm: We are in active labor. Contractions are a 6/10. Dr. Avants comes in to exam me. I am 5.5cm dilated and fully effaced. 
9pm: Dilated 6cm. Contractions still 6/10
10pm: Dilated 7.5cm, Contaction are a 7/10. I ask for the edidural. There is a mom with triplets that needs a C-Section. The anesthesiologist will come see me when he is finished with her. at this point, i wasn't in the worst pain possible. I didn't feel like I couldn't take it any longer but I didn't want to get to that point. I had no intention of having a "natural birth." I have equated it to getting a tooth pulled. You wouldn't have the dentist take it without giving you Novocain. I wanted the pain meds. 
11:30pm: Yay for epidurals! I love them! It made me feel so much better! It was rough to get it because you have to hold completely still during a contraction. B was right there to hold my hand. I had a button I could push if the pain got too bad and I needed an extra boost. I didn't use it until I had to deliver the placenta. For some reason that hurt more then the delivery. My contractions slowed down after the epidural. B and I were able to sleep for about 2 hours.
Auntie wanted to give you some lovin.

4am: I am still only dilated 7.5cm. They started pitocin to speed things up a bit. They say it's common for epidurals slow dilation down. 
6:30am: Dr. Avants comes in to see us. I am still not progressing. She says if I don't progress in an hour we will have to do a C-Section. My water has been broken for too long and the risk of infection to an already premie baby is too high. They give me an oxygen mask to help relax and antibiotics in case the baby already has an infection. 
7:30am: Dilated to 9cm! Awesome! We are ready to push! I have NO pain! The pushing was difficult and tiring. But not painful. I really love epidurals! 
9:04am: We have officially become parents! albs, 12oz, 18 inches long. I pushed for an hour and a half. The NICU team was there and ready as soon as Jeremy (Noah, at the time) arrived. He was not breathing. They brought him over so we could get a quick glimpse and kiss, then took him to the other room to evaluate. Next it was time to deliver the placenta. THIS hurt! I yelped in pain. Dr. Avants pushed my epidural button and waited a few minutes, then no pain! While I was being cleaned up. The NICU team was working on Jeremy. They had to intebate him to help him breathe. 

That's all for tonight. Find the rest of the story here:

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  1. Hi Kierra, just wanted to say I can relate to bedrest (at home and at the hospital for me), two premature babies at 34 weeks (strange coincidence) but for different reasons (1st due to placenta problem & 2nd due to preterm labor) and 2 stays in the NICU (4 & 6 weeks)! I wish I would have been blogging back then-for myself and to share with others. It helps to know other moms in similar situation. Praying everything goes great and smooth with your next delivery :)

  2. Thank you Kathy! It's comforting to hear other success stories! And for the prayers! They are what is getting us through right now! We are 34 weeks today with baby #2! Each day we can keep the baby in is a blessing!