Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

All that is boy! An update on Jeremy*

This little boy is so full of passion! He has a soft, quiet voice yet he is very opinionated! He always wants to "help." The little personality quirks are what make our hearts grow with joy each day!

  • Inventive : Making our living room into a Wipeout course, making himself an excavator to eat, to play in the sand box, to clean up toys, to dump water, to put his plate in the sink
  • Critical Thinker: Both hands are full and he wants to take a drink, after he tried with each hand he put one of the things under his arm to take a drink! 
  • Sweet Big Brother: Anytime Capri cries, he is right there to soothe her, comfort her, make sure we know she needs something. He tries to calm her in the car saying, "It's ok Baby Girl. I am right next to you."He calls her "Sissy, LuLu." If he is not sure where she is he asks, "Mommy where is the baby."
  • Potty training is going well! We have some days with accidents but overall we are good! He even wears chonies to bed! 
  • Compassionate: If somebody is hurt, being disciplined, sad etc you will find Jeremy visually concerned. He's jittery, shaking a leg, almost like he is anxious! It's a very sweet trait! 
A few photos to show his personality! 

Painting his new room so LuLu can have the nursery!

Little Stud

Playing the "violin" at Musical Munchkins

Cake Pop!

He loves his Daddy!

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