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Mini Marts
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Monday, December 10, 2012

Out of the mouths of Babes. . .*

I have been collecting little sayings from Jeremy for a while now. I just love his imagination and the way he phrases things! It brings me so much joy to listen to him!

I have boogers from my God Bless You - 2.5 years

While singing Skip to my Lu I asked Who is your darling? "Jesus" - 2.5 years

Jeremy be careful putting the glass on the counter, it's fragile. The Sock put him on the counter and said, "Be Careful." He says, "Why because I'm glass? - 2.5 years

Very passionately, "Daddy can NOT feed Capri, ONLY Mommy can!'" - 2.5 years

"When I get to be a grown up I am going to work in the Marines like Daddy and Uncle Dillin." -2.5yrs

"Mommy, who plugs the moons in?" - 2.5 yrs

"How does the red light know to tell the green light to turn on?" -2.5yrs

"I have the same like Daddy. The same this. . . pee pee. And you have the same like mommy an mommy has the same like you, She pees in the front." -J 2.5yrs

"Mommy, Let's pretend I'm Jesus and I get crucified" -J 2.5yrs

Daddy, "Let's have some whole milk." J: "Where are the holes? They must be inside!." J 2 yr 11mos

From the backseat, "Gigi is me happy."
Me: "What do you mean?"
J: "Gigi makes me smile. That means happy."-3 years

After being in the pool for an hour. . .
me: "J you should pour water on the slide so it's slippery when you slide."
J: "But Mama, I don't want to get my shorts wet!" - 3 years

"Mommy, today can you please call me J-Diggity today. I' going to ask my teachers too." -3 years

"Olivia is my princess, I'm going to marry her." -3 years old

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