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Mini Marts
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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Capri Update: 10 Months*

I don't have an accurate weight on Capri this month! I'm guessing she is about 21 pounds. I can only hold her for a little while! The Ergo has been a great help! Here's a picture of her in it; Bad angle of a self shot! 

I just learned how to wear her on my back. Although, I'm not comfortable enough wearing it in public (because it's tricky to get her in it by myself), we do go all around the house and yard with it! I'll get a back carry shot for you in the next update!

The best!!
We were on a healthy streak until the 17th! Her 10 month birthday! We went to church, she was fine, woke up from her nap, fever! Bam. Just like that! 101.2! It was so odd! We started thinking something was off because she woke up and SNUGGLED with Daddy! This never happens! 

Daddy came home from working 3 days and just wanted a hug!
LuLu was NOT having it!
The night was a little rough of breaking fevers and a baby girl that was miserable. But within 48 hours she was better! Weird! 


I think Capri is changing her schedule! I thought she would be going to 2 naps a day soon. She has stuck with 3 and spaced them out a little. She wakes at 6am to nurse, back to sleep until 7:30am, nap from 9:30-10:30. Lunch at 12pm, then nap from 1pm-2:30pm, nap from 6pm-6:30pm, bed at 8pm.

"My Brown Eyed Girl"
Aren't they beautiful!!??

Most of the 9 month clothes have been put away and 12 month have made their home in her closet! This little girl is SO blessed! We have had a few friends give us clothes from their daughters! We have yet to buy her clothes! Well. . . confession: I have bought a few items I just couldn't resist at Target or Kohls!  The little girl clothes are SO CUTE!! B even made a comment about it being hard to resist buying cute clothes for her!


Daddy and the kiddos at Ferrells!
Thanks Cory for photo bombing!! 

We remain a very social family! Ha! Thank God our kids are extroverts! This month the schedule included: Having the LePlante family over for the weekend, Celebrating Auntie's birthday, going to Ferrell's Ice Cream Parlour with small group, and spending the day with Auntie while Daddy, Mommy, Lolli and Jeremy went skiing, and had a pool day at Kimo and Auntie Donna's! YES, it was in February! Love Southern California!

Snuggling with Grandma while we were skiing.

Brotherly/Sisterly Love
Playing in the backyard. He is filling her tub up with water.

These two continue to melt my heart with the bond they are creating! Capri absolutely loves Jeremy! She lights up when he comes in the room! She is always put in a better mood when she sees him! I am truly enjoying watching them grow together.

Holding her in for the picture. She fell forward on take 1!
Daddy will have to install some sort of seatbelt!
Pssst. . . This is their combined birthday gift!
Don't tell them!



We have added so much since last month! We cut up just about every fruit or veggie we eat and let her have at it. She loves it! I haven't given her noodles, rice, or meats, yet. We, sometimes give her baby food (Earth's Best Organic). This doesn't fall exactly inline with Baby led weaning but I bought some because it was "on sale" before we decided to go with baby-led weaning and feel like I need to use it up. Plus, there are days she just can't get enough. She is fussy, I know she is hungry, milk isn't cutting it, and she is frustrated with chunks. After a little mush, she is happy. She is still nursing every 3 hours. I think it's about 5 ounces.


There are so many things to report this month!  She makes the sound of a monkey, she uses the sign for please, all done, waving "Hi" and "Bye", and gives kisses. However, she has stopped doing all of them! Silly baby girl, She'll pick them back up when she is ready! She IS standing on her own! Whoop, whoop!
So annoyed by the diaper! But at least they are cute diapers from Honest!
Daddy thinks she's super cute in just a t-shirt and diaper!

Well, until next month!

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