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Mini Marts
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Monday, March 11, 2013

Capri Update: 9 months*

Homegirl is ALWAYS smiling! 

1st bath in the sink! She usually takes a bath with J.
Look at those chunky arms!! Love them!

We are steadily gaining about a pound a month. She weighs in at 20.2 pounds!

Now that I am on the move (spoiler alert), I find fun places to crawl into!

Capri has been healthy!! No recent trips to the doctor! And Eczema has statyed away! Praise Jesus! 

So precious!

She is steady on her sleep patterns too! We play the evening nap by ear.
She goes to bed around 8pm, wakes at 6am to nurse, back to sleep until about 8:30am. She naps for about 1/2 hour at 1030. Then down for a 2.5 hour nap at 1:00pm when Jeremy naps (how did I get so blessed?)! Another little 1/2 hour nap around 6pm. Bed at 8pm.

I LOVE dressing a little girl! So fun!

I have put away all the 6-9month clothes! There are a few 9 months that are kinda snug and need to be worn one last time! 

This was when we saw her after being gone over night!

Capri had her first overnight stay away from me and her first weekend away this month! The overnight was with my mom while we were in Big Bear with friends. She was only about 15 minutes away from me! My mom loved every minute of it! 
The weekend was with Jackie. We went to Northern Cali for a training to facilitate a marriage class. I missed her like crazy (J too.) But she was taken care of and that eased my mind. Plus, it was a much little getaway for B and I! 

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

These two just make my heart smile every day! Capri absolutely LOVES Jeremy! Anytime he walks in the room she lights up. She giggles like crazy when he is being silly.  She loves wrestling with him. We have a walker for her, Jeremy loves racing her up and down the hallway! She gets a deep belly laugh! 
The joy on her face is priceless!

She was crying, Jeremy said, "Mama she wants to snuggle with me!"


 Little Miss is eating chunks of fruit. So far. . . banana, avocado, and apple. She is also drinking water from her sippy cup. I think she chews on it more then drinks! 

Big Girl Bed!

  • Baby girl in ON THE MOVE! Here is the video
  • We moved her into her own room in a crib. Before she was in our room in the pac and play. It's still up and occasionally I put her to bed in there. Especially when Bobby is working long shifts! I like the company!
  • We also, have 2 teeth! They popped in with in 12 hours of each other! The starter tooth was with Auntie! 
  • She signs "All Done"
  • She moves her way around the house and backyard in her walker!
She will hold on if we put her to standing postition.
She isn't pulling up just yet. 

2 Teeth!
What do I do with this thing! It didn't take long to figure it out!

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