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Mini Marts
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Capri Update: 11 months


Our little princess has remained at 21 pounds for quite a few months. She still rocks the chunky thighs! Everybody, I mean everybody that sees her comments on them!  I love it! 
Confession time. . . . I haven't taken her to the doctor for her well baby check up since 8 months! Yikes! I need to make an appointment this week! 

I don't have a sleep one this month!
Cute Jammies will work!

Capri has been changing it up lately: She wakes up at 6:00am for milk, back to sleep until 7:30am, nap from 9:30-10:30a,, nap from 1:00-3:330pm and bedtime is 8:00pm. She is waking up 2-3 times a night for milk. I've thought about breaking her of it but I love the time with her so much! And I let Jeremy cry it out to make him sleep through the night and he STILL doesn't sleep through the night. . . so what's the point?? We'll see. I have been quite tired lately!


We love all the little summer dresses! I have to watch the length because they get in the way of crawling! Most of the clothes we have out are 12 months. I have a few 18 month shirts our for the length. And still some 9 month dresses. 


This month was quite busy for us! I hosted a bridal shower for a dear friend. I also worked a day at the preschool! The kids got a Daddy day! We have been to the park many times lately! We walked up Mt. Rubidoux on Good Friday and took Communion. (See this Easter post) We had a fun visit from The Dizzles! Bobby served in the Marines and was on a deployment with Ben! We have been celebrating 1 year old birthdays all over the place! Next month is Capri's turn! 

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

These kids continue to melt my heart! They love to play together. Capri is so excited to wake J up from his nap every day! She giggles with excitement when we walk into him room! He can make her laugh like no one else! Jeremy has been wrestling with her lately! A few times he has been slightly too rough.  We has to have him tone it down a bit. They both love playing in the back yard. Capri has been enjoying the sand table and water!

Tearing up the avocado.

Capri has been eating just about everything we eat! I limit her dairy. She still loves her breastmilk! About every 4 hours. Although, when I am gone she doesn't care for bm in a bottle or cup. She drink about 5 oz a day when I am away. And then wants t nurse like crazy when I get home. From what I can tell when I pump, she has about 5oz each time she nurses, about 5 times a day. I would say her favorite foods are avocado and banana. 


Let's see this month. . . Capri is verbally saying, "Hi," "Mama," and "Dada" when we ask her where we are. She has mastered the crab crawl. She attempts to walk, moving one foot but not the other. Daddy loves to have her fake laugh! She gives us a kiss when we ask! She started Musical Munchkins. love to sing and clap! She has also mastered the fish lip!

Bubbles at Musical Munchkins! 


There are so many things Capri does that remind us of Jeremy and quite a few things that are her own little traits! She lives to be the center of attention, she has a loud and proud squawk, always happy unless she wants milk, loves keys, she remains a non snuggler unless she has her blanket, indubitably, shows her excitement through her feet and mouth smile! 

Mommy Fail:

We were driving down the freeway I hear a very excited squeel from the baby girl! Jeremy says, "Mommy she is trying to get her cup." I know her cup in beside her seat. . . I look back in a panic. . .
She wasn't buckled in! 
By the grace of God I merged 3 lanes to the next exit, while my hand was behind me holding her in place, and driving a manual transmission! We got off safely, I took the picture, and buckled her in!

And last but not least. . . 
Capri would like to share her excitement about her new baby cousin, Levi or Rowen TBA in approximately 9 weeks!! You can follow her on her new blog. . . I'll get the link for you as soon as she gets it set up!

This was a long winded update! Thanks for reading! See you next month for the ONE YEAR UPDATE! I can't believe it!

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