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Mini Marts
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Tuesday, May 7, 2013


At the top of Mt. Rubidoux

A friend asked me to blog about the Easter tradition we do in our family. We want to make sure Jesus is celebrated, recognized, and spoken of all the while making it a fun holiday for our kids!

I made a flip book that we have been reading all month! I love it! It puts the Easter story simply and at their level. I laminated it so I will be able to reuse each year.

The celebration started on Good Friday. We walked up Mt. Rubidoux. And took Communion at the top!

Reading scripture and taking Communion
Cousins just 14 days apart! 

Made it to the top!

Sweet girl, having fun climbing!

Reading scripture and taking communion.

Cousins hanging out!

The view on the way down!

This kids has little baskets from Mommy and Daddy when they woke up:

We went to church:
Awesome worship at Sandals Church!

GiGi came to spend the morning with us!

Mommy and the kiddos.
Daddy was working.
We had an Egg Hunt:
He was so excited about the eggs
we had to convince him to keep looking for more! 

LuLu got a few too!
Jeremy brought some to her!
So sweet!

Already breaking into the candy!

I filled the eggs with a few little candies and
quarters for their piggy bank!
Then we took a nap and headed to the station to see Daddy:

It was my intention to make "Resurrection Rolls" for breakfast. But I never got to it. Maybe next year!

I'm sure as the years go on we will add more traditions.
This is at the top of Mt. Rubidoux

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