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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Jeremy's 3rd Birthday. . . 3 Random Acts of Kindness

We are not big on birthdays. B and I really don't celebrate ours. I mean we say, "Oh happy birthday, babe." but that's the extent of it. We want our kids to have great birthday memories, time with their friends and family, but we struggle with the idea of making a day all about THEM.

That being said we want to celebrate with our kids and are excited they have made it through another year! But have always struggled with trying to celebrate them, yet teach them a heart of selflessness. UNTIL I saw Random Acts of Kindness on a blog! Genius! So from this year forward we will teach our children to do RAOK.

This year Jeremy did 3 RAOK since he turned 3. We talked about them the day before and made a plan! It was so fun driving around town and watching the joy on his face as he made people smile!

1. We put $1 bills in book at the library
2. We took balloons to a nursing home
3. We made cupcake for his friends and met them at the park for lunch.
 1. $1 bills in Library books. We taped a note that said:

I’m Jeremy! Today is my 3rd Birthday.
I am showing 3 acts of kindness!
Thank you for being a special part
of my day!
God Bless. 
1st book he choose.

Last 2 books!
 2. He gave balloons to people at a nursing home. They even sang him Happy Birthday! It was so sweet!

We had regular size balloons picked out.
Then he aw the tiny ones and really wanted them!
They were perfect! 

This sweet lady kissed the balloon while J handed him to her!
3. Then we were off to the park! We meet friends there! Jeremy was excited to give them the cupcakes he made and decorated!

From left to right: Capri, Caleb, Jeremy,
Dillon, Evan, Drew, Olivia.
Handing a cupcake off to his BFF, Drew.

I also did a few special things for J throughout the day!

His floor was filled with balloons when he woke up!

When he woke up from his nap he got to tear through this like a superhero!
We met the O'Rafferty's at Chick Fil A!
I made a cake while he was napping.

A little bag of goodies from Daddy and Mommy.
It was such a fun day! He still talks about it! I secretly hope that while we are at the library one day he finds a book with one of his dollars in it! Love this boy so much!

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