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Mini Marts
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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Capri Update: 1 Year!

Oh man! We hit the year mark! Capri has officially become a toddler! She toddles her way all over!

Weight /Health
Now I am not one for naked baby shots on the internet
but this is such a cute picture!
Little Miss is keeping her weight steady at 21.5 pounds. I can't remember her height from the 1 year check up! I will update it when we get the info. She is in the 25 percentile for height and 75 percentile for weight. Doctor says our Little Girl is healthy! Whoop!


I can't get my girl away rom 3 naps a day!! Most days she takes a small nap in the morning, a 2.5 hour nap in the afternoon, and a small 1/2 hour nap in the evening. On occasion she will skip the evening nap then she is ready for bed by 7:30pm instead of 8:00pm. She does sleep through the night, wakes up at 7am.

I always wonder what she is thinking
Still rockin the 12 month. We have some 18 month shirts out for the length. I just love to see her in dresses now that she is walking all over! Dressing a girl is SO much fun!

Helping J celebrate his birthday with friends at the park!
Musical Munchkins is over for this session. I think we are going to skip the Summer session. I feel like I started her too early and she wasn't quite into it. She is also VERY independant and didn't like us showing her what to do! I'm hoping it's because I started her too early (before turning 1) and in the Fall she will be a little better. I will definitely update on that in September. We have had so much fun hanging with the kids' cousins! We had the kids' combined birthday party! It was so easy for me! I will always have my kids' share a party! More on that here. We also helped Jeremy celebrate his birthday and show his 3 Random Act of Kindness!

Brotherly/Sisterly Love

These kids continue to make my heart leap when I see them together. It truly is a mama's pure joy!

Eating a tortilla!
Capri is eating everything under the sun! Her favorites include: avocados, bananas, blueberries and tortillas! We are still nursing about 5 times a day. It's such a sweet times for me! She is not much of a snuggler. But when her little hand signs milk and I hook her up she just melts into my arms. I soak up every minutes of it! I know it will not last forever!

This is her new favorite game. She lays on the carpet pretending to be asleep.
We say, "Sleeping baby."
Then we say, "Baby awake"

"Baby Awake"
She pops up and giggles! Then we do it all over again!
Oh my goodness! Capri's sign language is getting so good! She signs: milk, more, please, thank you, eat, all done. Jeremy loves to teach her new ones. So each morning at breakfast we go through the book and find new signs to teach her! Walking is definitely preferred over crawling now! 

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