Mini Marts

Mini Marts
All 5 of us!

Monday, August 5, 2013

6 years of a being married to my best friend!

Each year (that I am not pregnant or just had a baby) I wear my wedding dress, Bobby wears his Blues and we go out! I love wearing my dress over and over. I mean, how much did I spend on it?? It only makes sense to wear it more then ONE day! Sure, it gets dirtier each year and has a few stains on it. But that's the fun! I may dry clean it, eventually. But for now, the statins are memories. I keep thinking I want to have a wedding dress party with all my friends!
This year we went to Duanes at the Mission Inn. It was a fabulous night! AND somebody at the restaurant paid for our meal!! We asked to say thank you but the waitress informed us they wanted to stay anonymous. We were so honored!

We spent 3 days at home without the kids. We slept in, got projects done, ate whatever and whenever we wanted! It was a great time together!
6 Gifts to celebrate 6 years!
1. Frappachino
2. Iron (traditional 6 year gift) skillet for the BBQ
3. A baskt of his favorite things
4. A college of our family for his locker at work
5. Reses Pieces in a jar that said, "love you to pieces."
6. Something lovely from Victoria's Secret. . . 
He replaced the radio in the 4runner for me!
Funny he thought he was just going to get it fixed.
The repair guy told him it was fried because somebody
*cough Jeremy* used it as a piggy bank!

A look back over the years. . .  .
Wedding Day! June 2, 2007

1st year, 2008
(picture to come)
We went on a cruise with our best friends. 
We wore our wedding attire for the formal night!

2nd Year, 2009
We went to dinner in San Clemente and whale watching
3rd Year, 2012
I had just has Capri, she was 2 weeks old.
We went to dinner at BJs. Forgot to get a picture! 

4th Year, 2010
I had just had Jeremy, so I couldn't wear my wedding dress!
We went to the Huntington Library.
Jeremy was with us. He was 6 weeks and 2 weeks home from the NICU.

5th Year, 2011
W went to the Melting Pot.
6th Year, 2012

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