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Thursday, August 29, 2013

To vaccinate or not. . . .*

Each family must chose the right decision for their family.
Which is NOT the same for EVERY family!

I know this is such a controversial subject, BUT I feel like there is a lot of information out there and people don't know about it! They just go with what their doctor says. We need to be an advocate for our own healthcare. Now, I am not bashing doctors in any way; I think they are very necessary! I'm just saying we should be educated on what is best for our family, weather its what the doctor suggests or an alternative method.
I have quite a few friends that are about to be first time mommies and have asked for information. . . .

I asked friends on FB to give me the vaccine schedule they decided on for their family and the resources they use. Here is the information:

1. One family we know decided not to vaccinate their children. They have read and loved the information in this book:

2. Another family has also read that book and decided to only give 2 shots each time.

3. Another friend, a nurse in the NICU and expecting her first baby, shared this article on giving the Vitamin K injection at birth.

Here are some quotes from friends on both sides:

". . . one thing I do find imperative is the importance of reading the whole article and sources, if references are not provided the article shouldn't even be considered, in my opinion. There are so many biased articles available on the Internet regarding vaccinating, it makes it difficult for parents to truly come to an educated decision. We have decided to vaccinate and I do not believe vaccines cause autism. In general, I have found that many articles claiming there is proof that the MMR vaccine causes autism neglect to communicate that people who were awarded pay outs from pharm companies had other reactions to the MMR vaccine unrelated to autism."

"I always vaccinate my kids."  This is from a friend that shared the story of her cousin choosing not to give her daughter the flu shot. Her little girl died on day 2 of the flu because it had deteriorated her organs.

"I made my decision based on some seminars & the movie The Greater Good. Our decisions were based on the ingredients, that most of the diseases haven't had cases in decades, & that there is no guarantee that you won't catch the disease if you do get the vaccine. Also, for Rotovirus in particular, my ped said that if a child does get it, it's treatable with Pedialite so I chose not to pump my child full of horrible ingredients for something that isn't fatal."

All that said and with all the research Bobby and I have done, our decision is to vaccinate our kids on a modified schedule. We give them a MAX of 2 shots each time. As of now, they are behind the FDA schedule, but will be caught up by 5 years old. The reason behind this: We feel the risks of what the vaccination "might do" significantly out way the possibility of contracting the virus. At the end of the day, if one of our children ends up with any of the things we vaccinate for; would we be questioning and blaming ourselves for not vaccinating? The answer is: Yes.
Some scenarios to ponder: We live in a very diverse culture and not every one is vaccianted. Overseas trips might not happen on a convenient timeline. Few of vaccinated illness lead to death or serious medical complications. Proper nutrition is proven to boost immunites and minimize effects of common illnesses.

I hope I displayed all the sides in a non-contraversial way. I ask that there is no banter in the comments section, and that each person reading this respects the opinions of others and their stance on vaccines.

This post was ONLY to offer opinions of parents that have done their research. Please, DO YOUR RESEARCH! Look into all the possibilities. The is plenty of information available, and plenty of opinions. This isn't a topic to simply listen to a frined of a friend, or even this blog ALONE. Read FDA, CDC, Medical Journals, Case studies, and research the actual chemical composition and pharmacology. I know that we all have busy lives, but time for this should be a priority. Additionally, be prepared to defend you decision (you will recieve different opinions from others). Be an advocate for ALL you own health care, not only vaccination. Decide what's best for YOUR family! Each family is different and I believe God has a specific plan for EACH family. Not the SAME plan for EVERY family. 

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