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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Marriage. . . For Real

June 2, 2007

It has been 6 years since we stated, in front of our family and friends, to stick by each other "until death do us part." In a world where that phrase is taken so lightly and "marriage" is disrespected, it goes against the grain to mean what we say and never give up when times get sticky.

In addition to the strong belief that when you get married it's forever, we have been called by God to the ministry of marriage. To help couples in times of turmoil, to keep them accountable to each other and to encourage them to keep God as the center of their marriage. Not just to help couples glide along in life as roommates but for their marriage to flourish. For them to truly enjoy the gift that God has given them, for their actions to always be thinking of the other person before themselves. I think this is the main ingredient to a fun, loving, enjoyable marriage! Now, that's not to say that you won't come across ups and downs, but the stronger you are, the more committed and devoted you are to each other and God, the easier it is to get through the tough times. Let's face it, we would rather go through tough spots along with our spouse, rather then against.

I am walking down the isle

Bobby and I have just been through one of the most difficult times in our marriage. 7 weeks ago we had a miscarriage. (see post here & here). I have never dealt with death.
My. Entire. Life.
28 years! Can you believe that? In 28 years of life nobody close to me has died. I guess I thought the threat of miscarriage wasn't an issue since we had 2 healthy kids! Anyway. . . my point is that if B and I were in a spot where we were not communicating or even talking, then dealing with the loss of our baby would have been much worse!

"A cord of 3 strands is not easily broken." Ecc 4:12
The foundation is the Pastor, the sand we were standing on.
Bobby is the brown.
I am teal.

God has to be the center and you have to go in with the mind set that it's forever. NOT "We'll see if it works and if not, oh well." This last week our pastor (Sandals Church) did a sermon on marriage. He had so many great things to say. Here are a few of them! We will definitely be using them while talking with couples!

  • Opposites are not obstacles but opportunity. 
  • Marriage is the image of God's love. 
  • The very things that bug you about your spouse are the things God wants to change in you. 
  • Accept responsibility to things that I can change.
  • Working through the marriage to the sweet (not bittersweet) end is what's best for the kids.
  • Men lead spiritually, women submit to God and your husband.
  • Don't be so focused on the outside, you miss the opportunity to grow from the inside.

I have a passion to see marriages flourish! Not just survive!

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