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Mini Marts
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

4 year old in the house!

Could you read the drama emphasis I put on that! 

He has completely passed the toddler stage! This little boy is so smart! We are blown away by his questions! See the end of the post for some the fun, genius, crazy, cute things he says! 

Last year we started a new birthday tradition. We do one act of kindness per year you are celebrating. Bobby and I are not fond of celebrating our birthdays. So much of birthdays are selfish: 
What am I going to get? Let's celebrate me. It's my birthday, we do what I want. 
I don't want to teach my kids that. I want to teach my kids to love others above themselves, I want them to be a light in such a dark world! Acts of kindness are such a great way to show that! Jeremy loves doing them! Here and the 4 he choose this year:
He picked flowers for my nail lady, Ann.
We went to the donut shop when he woke up.
A man forgot his wallet, so we bought his donut and coffee.
We baked banana bread for their teachers at church.
He bought bubbles for his friends. The tag reads,
"Hello, I am doing "Acts of Kindness" for my birthday. This is from Jeremy."
I love his words! 
I love this tradition! I will start it with Capri and Heidi-Rae when they turn 3! 

Out of the mouths of babes: 
  • Sissy, do you know how much I love you? As high as the plane fly in the sky.
  • Dear God, Thank you for Zia and that she is pretty. Thank you that she got my blanket and sissy's and maybe the new baby if her heart tells her.
  • Can you frocking on me? (Frocking means raspberry on his tummy)
  • I am a people
  • Do you realize mommy has a baby in her belly and we get to keep this one! (To Capri, following the miscarriage, and finding out there was another baby on the way)
  • Mommy, I like when you do your make up in the car because then I can see yo in the mirror. (FYI: I am not driving! I am ion the passenger seat while Bobby drives!)
  • Jeremy and Grandma are raving about how nice the grass is out back: This is like San Diego grass! 
  • Ya know mom, we should really get a cake with a monkey on it. (out of the blue)
  • Why don't we turn brown when we die like the grass?
  • Running down the hall his gum falls out of his mouth: I left my gum behind!
  • I build this fort all by myself, somebody changed it! (Guilty! I moved something around so it was set up for him to sleep in!)
  • Me: J I don't want to you grow up! J: Sorry mom, we have to go through this! 
I just love this goofy boy so much! 

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