Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Pure Joy!

Building forts

Sometimes I am overwhelmed by the blessing of being a Mommy. I truly love it. I don't love the difficult attitudes or hard days that the kids don't listen or the days on end Bobby is working and I am exhausted from doing the parenting thin on my own. What I DO love and cherish are moments that get me all choked up! Seeing my kids play and engage with each other. Watching them care for others above themselves!

Seeing them love on each other. 

The SNUGGLES! Get me every time! 

This life is, by no means, perfect but it IS what God has put me here to do. Being a wife and mommy are among my most honored callings.

On those days that are rough (listed above) I find myself listing the reasons I have to be thankful for my role. Without a doubt, I am feeling better within the moment the prayer leaves my lips!


  1. Kierra, so many people do not understand the challenges of being a stay at home mommy. It is certainly a blessing to be able to do so, but so important for you and others around you realize it isn't easy. I love seeing your posts and think you and Bobby are so fortunate to have each other. Keep up the good work, throw your hands up in the air occasionally and crawl in the fort with the little ones. Every day can't be perfect because then we wouldn't appreciate the ones that are!

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  3. That's SO true Jeanne! Bobby has been my balance of helping me realize when i need to get in the fort and let the house go by the way side! I am thankful for that! Thank you for your support!