Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Jeremy's 5 Act of Kindness

Jeremy got to ride in his trike-a-thon for his birthday! HE WON out of the entire school! HIs winnings included 2 Disneyland passes and $125 Toy R Us gift card! Whoa! Pretty cool Birthday gift! This kid has such heart to love other people! He really enjoys his acts of Kindness! I didn't get too many pictures of them! But here's what I did get!

 1. He delivered chips & salsa to the local fire station.
2. He wrote 5 notes of encouragement to stick randomly on things during the day.
3. He gave one of his fire engines to a friend we know loves fire engines!
4. He took quarters to the mail place. They were for little kids that come in whom might want some candy from the vending machines.
5. He took balls to the park and handed them out to kids.

Sticking a note in Kohl's
Micah enjoying his fire engine

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