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Mini Marts
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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Our visit to CHOC: Part 2

Haha! Her hair after a sponge bath!
April 25, 2015
Heidi has been a little more awake today. Thanks to the Hotel de Chisholm I got a full night sleep! But Heidi refused to take a bottle from daddy all night! They tried to put her O2 down to 6 liters and 25% but she's struggling. So, they bumped it back up to 8 liters and 50%. "The hardest part of this was seeing her so weak. They drew blood and she didn't even move." -Daddy
She's becoming more aware and getting frustrated with the tubes and restricted movement. And she's becoming a little more vocal! Good signs!
We had Baby Einstein playing on the iPad. 
That evening she learned what a Doggy and Bear say!
Cutest little growl! 
Church this morning. With the online staff praying for us! Thank you Sandals church for this option!

April, 26, 2015
Heidi was so much fun last night! Talking, playing, kissing me! She said a few words for the first time! It took alot it of her but it was such a sweet time for me! 
Right now she at 6 liters and 40% oxygen. They tried to move her down through out the night, but she couldn't support it. To move to a regular Pediatric unit her oxygen support needs to be at 6 liters and 30%. 
The look in her eyes tells you she's done being in a bed!

April 27, 2015
FB Post at 4:20pm:
Her oxygen levels are slowly getting lower. Prayerfully we will be on the regular Peds floor today, and heading home soon. We had a chest X-ray this morning to see how much fluid is still in her lungs. Prayer requests: 
1. It's taking a lot to get her to sleep. She's restless because she can't move around. Pray for a way for her to use up some energy to sleep better.
2. Pray for me. I'm not sleeping well, at the hospital. Heidi will not take milk from a bottle or cup, so I have to be here, I miss Bobby, Jeremy, and Capri!
Thank you for your precious prayers! We can fell each one of them!
UPDATE: They moved us at 3am! We are on a lower level ICU floor. As long as she continues to improve on there Oxygen level, we can move to the regular Peds floors and eventually home! 

FB post at 6:38pm:
Praising Jesus! 
My last post was 2 hours ago! 
Since then. . . Heidi-Rae was moved to a Nasal cannula at 1.5 liters, moved to the regular peds floor, able to walk around the room with a fun standing toy, and eaten a full meal, along with nursing! 
Thank you prayer warriors!

As I write this to look back on, I am UH-MAZ-ED at the outpouring of love, both from people in our lives and GOD!! He heard us and responded in 2 hours! Look at the difference in her face from the top right picture to the bottom right!! 

April 28, 2015
Having breakfast with my girl! No tubes or wires getting in our way! She has been off oxygen since 8 p.m. last night! They will check her one last time around 4pm and start discharge papers! I also convinced them to take her IV out so we could have a really bath! 
God is good my friends! He has been with us these past few days! Thanks to everyone who had prayed and offered to help!

What a complete turnaround from 24 hours before!

Anxiously waiting to be discharged, roaming the halls, putting smiles on people's faces!

oh you know, just me and my girl enjoying some sunshine, on our way home!!
 Wednesday, April 23, 2015, 11am                                       Tuesday, April, 28, 2015, 11am
Time and Time again we are LIVING proof that God exists!
He has brought us through many health trials!
Thank you to each one of you that prayed for us during these times! 

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