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Mini Marts
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Thursday, January 27, 2011

9 Month Check Up!

We had J's 9 month check up yesterday.... which was perfect timing because he has been sick all week..... cough, fever, runny and stuffy nose (go figure). But on the positive side he has been snuggly!! I love it!
  So we, 3, go for his appointment. Bobby goes with me when he is getting shots.... so sweet of him! It just tugs at my heart strings a little too tight when they stick him and I am the one holding and comforting him! He looks at me like, "WHY did you let them do that to me? YOU are supposed to protect ME!!" .... Ok maybe that's a little dramatic but  I just hurt when I hold him! I know, I'm a sappy Mommy! But that's why God gave him a strong Daddy!! .....
   Where was I? Oh yes.... with all that said he couldn't get shots because he was sick! (upper respiratory infection) I would like to note that this is the FIRST time J has been sick!! Woo-Hoo 9 months without an infection! We are crediting that to the breast milk! (boob juice, as Bobby calls it).
   So we are waiting to see the Doc and J is fussy, wants to be down crawling, wants to be in our arms, wants to be nursed, wants to eat apples, he really doesn't know what he wants to do! Finally, crawling around the room makes him happy....until.... he falls and bumps his head on the chair just as the Doctor walks in. He screaming! We just have to laugh! We get prescriptions and she tells us to get a humidifier for his room. It has helped so much! He slept better last night!

9 month stats:    
Weight: 18.6 lbs 50%-tile on growth chart. He's still small but growing and that's what matters!
 Length: 28 1/2 inches long, 22%-tile. Same as above.
 I can't remember what his head measured in at, but he is still in the 1%-tile!! Ya know
 how mist babies look like they have alien heads in proportion to  their body? Not J! His is proportioned  
 to his body size!
 He is eating just about everything, as long as it's not pureed!! He hates pureed food!

I better be going because I think J just ate dog food!!! But not before I leave you with a few pictures!

Making mud pies
His cool shades
He was a little sick but still enjoyed playing outside with Mommy.

They are good friends! 
Sierra singing to Jeremy

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  1. poor J!!! give him hugs from jayme and i :) you just reminded me i gotta set up jayme's 9 month appt!