Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Monday, January 24, 2011

Do we have a seal in the house?

Haha! No just a baby boy with Croup. Self-diagnoised.... rather mommy-diagnoised! Poor little boy has a runny nose (You better go catch it, I know corny but that's what Bobby would say), fever, lethargic, and a cough that sounds like there is a baby seal in our house. What's a mommy to do but snuggle all day with the little man! I just took him into the bathroom with the shower running HOT so he could breath the steam. It worked! He laughs without coughing now! Yay! The internet (you have to believe everything you read on the internet) says it could last up to 10 days! Yikes! We go to the doctor on Wednesday for J's 9 month shots, so we will see! As I am typing this we are watching Baby Einstein and the seals are on barking....hahahaha cracking me up! Afg, Afg, Afg...... <--- that's their barking noise.
I have also used "Save the Baby", it's Vicks for babies, it has helped him breath a little easier.

In other news... He managed to get to a standing position on his little car and hold on to the table. See picture below. He's a Daredevil, just like his Daddy! I'm sorry its so dark, I only had my phone with no flash handy....

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