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Mini Marts
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Sunday, February 19, 2012

23 & 24 Weeks! (17P Injections)*

Whoa we got a little behind! Especially considering the next update should be in 3 days! I got almost 3 weeks behind! YIKES! The injections both week have come with NO side effects! Although this last injection (week 24) was a little stubborn. To start with we FORGOT on Tuesday! Bobby was home all day, we were just busy with house stuff! He left for a class Wednesday (my birthday) morning and I realized it! Doctor said to just give it today and from now on give it on Wednesdays. B came home around 5pm and then we were heading out to the Griffith Observatory. When he was injecting it the needle popped off! It came unscrewed from the tube! Got Cottonseed Oil everywhere! So I only got a 1/2 dose. Luckily we had an appointment the next day. They said not to give another 1/2 dose just to resume a full dose next Wednesday. Aside from that event, we are smooth sailing these past 2 weeks.

Baby Update

In the past 2 weeks the baby can hear outside the womb. Loud noises are becoming familiar, such as the dog barking and vacuum. Weighs just over a pound and is about 12 inches long. They compare the baby to an ear of corn. Taste buds are fully developed and lungs are almost complete! 

This week, for my birthday we went the the Griffith Observatory. It was so much fun! It's all about astronomy and the planets! We watched a cool show in the planetarium and wandered all over the museum. I had a little trouble while we were there with my tummy being tight. I had to sit down a few times and we ended up leaving earlier then expected because it wouldn't calm down if I was walking around. At the doctor's the next day, he was a little concerned. He says it's too early for Braxton Hicks. If it happens again sit or lay down immediately, if it's not gone within 2 hours go to the hospital. My hips are also still giving me problems. He gave me to go-ahead to get a pregnancy massage! WOO-HOO! So I will book it this week! Yea! So excited! 
Oh yes, While we were at the GO there is an exhibit that has what you weigh on each planet! I weighed the least on Pluto (about 3 pounds!) and most on Jupiter (about 351 pounds!! WHOA!). WE had so much fun! 

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