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Mini Marts
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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Looking back on Jeremy as a baby. . . TAGS!*

It was hard for me to come to the realization that Jeremy had moved into being a Toddler! I miss the snuggly baby stage (good thing there is another one only 17 weeks away!). I was organizing pictures today and HAD to share these. When J was little he had a keen sense for finding the tags on everything! It didn't dawn on us to take pictures of it until he was near the end of the phase. BUT we did end up with a few to remember this unique characteristic about him!

Clockwise around, ending in the center:
14 months, Tag on a toy.
11 months, tag on the new dog bed.
11 months, tag on the stroller.
11 months, tag on a bib.
11 months tag on a bib.
11 months tag on a plug! He didn't put this one in his mouth!
10 months, JACKPOT! I cut all the tags off decorative pillows, 
he found the little trashcan they were in and was in heaven!
10 months, I don't know where this tag came from!

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