Mini Marts

Mini Marts
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Sunday, February 26, 2012

25 Week Update (17P Injections)*

 We are progressing along nicely! 3 more weeks (28 weeks) until the baby's life can be saved if I go into labor. I still plan on keeping the baby in until 36 weeks minimum! Which is the last 17P injection I will receive. In the case studies we read the mom's gave birth a weeks after the injections stopped. So we figure 37 weeks the 2nd week of May we will be a family of 4! Anyway. . . this week's injection went well. Not much to write about this week. I didn't even have tenderness in the injection site this week!

Baby Update
The baby is measuring 13.5 inches, weighs about a pound and half and is working on adding some baby fat. So far, he/she has been pretty lean. Hair is growing rapidly! If we could see clearly inside we could tell the color and texture. It's amazing how much happens week-by-week. 

Here's the baby on the move! 

Hope you guys are having a great week too!

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