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Mini Marts
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Saturday, March 10, 2012

26 & 27 Week Update (17P Injections)*

I guess I forgot to post last week! Opps. . . I have been having night sweats, not every night and Bobby pinpointed it as the day after the injection. We will have to add that to the list of side-effects. it's getting worse as the weeks go on. Last week I went through 3 PJ changes and 3 towels on the bed in one night. BUT still worth it to have a full-term, happy baby!

Baby Update

The baby's ears are more developed this week! He/she can not only hear my voice clearly but also Bobby's! Baby can is inhaling amniotic fluid to practice to continue develop their lungs. Weighing in at a pound and 2/3 and measuring 14 inches, the baby is growing so well!!
I am feeling ok lately. Uncomfortable at times. Sleep is becoming more difficult. I'm getting tightening in my stomach when I am walking (even to the end of our street). Doctor says I need to be sitting down and resting when it comes up. My hips expanding have been pinching my sciatic nerve and causing me to lose balance every so often. I am getting a pregnancy massage tomorrow! Hallelujah!

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