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Mini Marts
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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

35 Weeks (17P Injections)*

These past few weeks have been uneventful with injection update! Which is a good thing! I would say the Progesterone hormone is working since I didn't make it to 35 weeks with Jeremy! Praising God each day we are further from 34 weeks and closer to 40 weeks! 

Baby Update:

Odd numbered week means we will be referring to baby as Eli! He is approximately 18 inches long and 5 1/4 pounds. The size of a honeydew melon, although I think my tummy looks a little larger then a honeydew! His kidneys are fully developed and liver can process most waste, although his first bowl movement (called meconium) won't be processed until after he's born (hopefully). There are health issues if it's released while in the womb. I am now carrying more baby then amniotic fluid! Ia hve been feelig like the baby wants to escape through my belly button! He pushes so hard up against it! Bobby had his hand on my tummy and he calmed down. As SOON as he took it off, pushing again! They played this game for a few minutes! I am getting anxious to meet this baby and know if we have an Eli or Capri growing! 

Bed Rest Update:

J got so many cool things for his birthday! Including some sweet art things that we can do in bed! This finger paint only shows up on the special paper. So that means no stains on the bed if little mini hands wonder! Which they definitely did. . . a few times! 

Here's the adventures of a bed rest Mama in a nutshell:
Sunday: B and J headed off to church, while i stayed home and watched it online. I love our church! We are talking about honoring those above us: employers, pastors, people in office. This week the church staff (unbenonst to Matt) honored him. They surprised him on stage and honored he and his family! It was so sweet! Check them out! Sandals Church
Monday: Bobby worked so my mom was here to stay with us! She got to take J to Musical Munchkins! He LOVES this class. There is a post here about it! My mom enjoyed it so much! 
Tuesday: My day to get out!! Yay!! Doctor Appointment: I need to express how much i like our doctor! Dr. Oshiro. He is the chief of Labor & Delivery for Loma Linda University! His personality is great! He is always calm and making jokes with us! Anyway. . . I go in the week so excited that I only have two more weeks on bed rest. Between 36 and 40 weeks is full term, right? NO! He says 39 weeks is when I am released! Remember that I am not on strict bed rest, per last week's appointment, but I am house bound and need to keep my mobility limited. So, all in all, I have 5 more weeks of limited mobility, house arrest. BUT, OF COURSE, if that's what it takes to keep the baby healthy, that's what I will do. My back has begun hurting a lot (mid back, not low back as in back labor).
Wednesday: My mom went back up to Big Bear because Bobby was home! Since, I got the "ok" to go to the chiropractor yesterday: We got another outing! 2 days in a row, WHOA! But, I still had back pain in the evening! *sigh* Just comes with the territory, I guess! We also had SmaG! Jackie watch Jeremy overnight for us!
Thursday: Bobby was off to work. Jackie dropped J off with Danielle to sped the morning. They didn't get here until about 12:30pm. Which meant I had the morning to myself. (With someone on call, of course, in case I went into labor). It was so nice to have some alone time. I have been surrounded by people everyday for weeks now. Don't get me wrong, I am a people person and am SO thankful for the all the help we are receiving but it was nice to have a mellow morning with just me and God! I did miss the morning snuggles with J though! Danielle got here to fed the boys lunch and put them down for their naps. We had a rough day! J was not very well behaved for her in the morning and then Drew was not doing well in the afternoon. I had such a struggle sitting here not being able to offer help. Bed time couldn't come soon enough for those boys! We made it though the evening and I am so thankful for her heart to serve us!  
Friday: Bobby was home for 4 days! YEAH! J is so much calmer and relaxed when B is home. They went to Musical Munchkins in the morning. Then we had some friends come visit with their 3 weeks old daughter! So sweet! I got to snuggle with her and J did pretty well. There was one point where he asked me to give her back to her Daddy! After lunch and nap, B and J headed off to the church to help with an event. Then after bedtime, B headed to a friend's house for some guy time, reloading ammo. It was nice for him to have a break away from work or home.  While he was a gone a friend came over to babysit J and I! I haven't seen Christina in a while and we watched a few SVUs.  

Saturday: B got a little "him" time today, too. He went to the Men's Breakfast at church and shopped around a hardware store he's been wanting to go into. J was with Jackie for the morning. Today I was feeling a little lonely. But the kind that only B could comfort. I just wanted him to sit with me and talk or watch a movie or something where we spent time together. But then I was feeling selfish because he is doing an incredible job of keeping our house in order AND supporting us financially! And I am whining about "time" spent with me. I had a  rough morning! Thankful that I have the alone time to spend  with God for him to calm me! I explained all this to B and he spent the evening (when J went to bed) with me (catching up on The Walking Dead!). And we went to get ice cream tonight! What a treat!! 

Week by week are getting though this! We are on week 3 of bed rest. . . I love to have my window to the back yard open all day! I am notcing all the different sounds birds make, listening to J pay outside and hear his vocabulary grow significantly each day, at night, I hear the frogs croaking, Although it has been trying at times, I am thinking about the positive things each day to keep me going. 

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  1. So glad you are getting so far along in your pregnancy! I really think the progesterone injections work! If I get pregnant again I will definitely be getting them. I went to 37 weeks, which is when my doctor wanted to deliver the baby due to past c-sections, but I felt like I could have gone longer. Great report!