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Mini Marts
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Monday, May 14, 2012

36 Weeks (17P Injections)*

This is our last injection! I had contractions 10 minutes apart all day. It started in my back by the afternoon they were also on my lower abdomen. When B got home at 5pm he gave me my injection by 9pm the contractions had subsided!  So we will see what happens next Wednesday and Thursday. Most of the women in the studies delivered with in a week of stopping the injections. All the glory goes to God for keeping this baby healthy!

Baby Update:

Bed Rest Update:

Sunday: B and J headed off to Sandals Church. While I watch online! Still thankful for LiveStream! We had a relaxing day! Well, I always have a relaxing day these days! But the boys did too! Bobby's Grandparents came over for a visit. Then B took a nap! In the evening, I sat on the porch and enjoyed watching Jeremy play baseball! Not gonna lie, this kid has some talent! And each time he made it over the fence he came to get a kiss from Mommy! So precious!

Monday: We got to meet a friend's precious 2 week old baby! Jeremy wasn't as accepting as he was Friday, when another baby was here to visit. He asked Bobby to take the baby so that he could sit with me! Then he snuggles (middle of the day) for quite a while to make sure he was keeping his mommy! But after he went down for his nap, I snuggled for about an hour with Landon! I just loved it! The biggest news of today is (you are sworn to secrecy not tell my doctor) . . . We went to the movies!! I KNOW!! Before you judge, hear me out! We had a super great deal (2 tickets, extra large popcorn, 2 large drink, large candy for $17!!! Right??) that was going to expire if we didn't use it AND the chairs are super comfy and I could put the arm rests up and lay down. Which I did for most of the movie. We went on a double date with our friends, Jake and Lauren! It was nice to get out! I was super exhausted after. I came home, laid down and was out! I didn't even brush my teeth (yuck) or wash my face (gasp). But it was the best night sleep I have had in a while! It felt so good!
Tuesday:  My mom is here today. I have a doctor's appointment! I got to get out 2 days in a row! Whoop-whoop!  The doctor is happy we got another week down! He says I can start to get up and around, slowly at 37 weeks. 
Wednesday: My dear friend Danielle S came over to help out today! B was teaching a class and got home just in time for small group. This was the day I had contractions! Thankful they subsided! And I spelt wonderfully! 2 nights this week?? What a treat when you are nine months pregnant!!
Thursday: Jackie was here to babysit! Not much to report! I listened to the kids play outside. Jackie brought 1/2 off Starbucks when she came home from picking Sierra up! I have a few contractions here and there. But nothing consistent or worth worrying about. 
Friday: Bobby waas home! He took J to MM then went to Costco. While he was at Costco, my friend Sara came for a visit. he daughter is 6 weeks younger then J. They are betrothed, but don't know it yet. 
Saturday: I had tickets to go to a Women's Gathering at church but since I am still on bed rest, I couldn't go! But all my family and friends were there! I got so many texts and pictures! Bobby was also there because he was helping out! What a sweet guy, huh? Sierra was here babysitting me! We had such a fun morning! We watched a movie and did crafts! I absolutely loved the time with her! And of course, I forgot to take a picture! Arg!

Time for measurements! 
Tummy: 40"       growing 7.5 inches since 6 weeks.
Hips: 40"            growing 3 inches since 6 weeks
Chest: 39"          growing 4.5 inches since 6 weeks.

At this point, I keep wondering if you will get another post with another week of updates!!
If I am still in this bed, you will!
If not, there will be a baby post! 

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