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Mini Marts
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Saturday, May 5, 2012

The Highest Honor*

Jeremy Noah Martens
 after being "Noah ______ Martens" for our entire pregnancy 
& 12 hours after birth!
4 weeks old
4/23/201 9:04am
5 lbs 12oz, 18.5 inches long
What's in a name? Parents have 9 months (10 really with a pregnancy being 40 weeks) to decide on the perfect fit for their child. That wasn't enough time for us!
Throughout my pregnancy we called him "Noah." The doctor called him Noah while I was pushing, "Come on, Noah." "I can see Noah's hair." "Welcome to the world, Noah." While I was laboring we had heard that Noah was the number one baby name in 2010! We didn't like the sound of that but we didn't have the patience to think of another name at that point! When we got to the NICU they asked what his name was, we said, "Noah." They printed labels for the bottles I was pumping. But it didn't feel right. He just didn't look like a Noah. The parents with a baby in the bed next to us said, "Ours is Noah, too!" Uf! That makes our decision, we need to change it.

We talked about it on the way back to our room to eat and get some rest. "Jeremy" had been on our list for many reasons.

  • Bobby has a Marine brother that died while they were serving in Iraq together. We have always wanted to name one of our sons after him. Jeremy Bohlman's story here. Our little guy is a fighter, just like Bohlman!  I know that is a creepy picture below of Jeremy but Bobby said Bohlman would do the same thing. His nickname was "Crazy Eyes" on their platoon! 

Jeremy L. Bohlman, "Crazy Eyes"
June 7, 2004
Jeremy Bohlman's nickname was "Crazy eyes"
Bobby said it was so triply to see our Jeremy do the SAME thing!

  • There are bible verses outside each room at Loma Linda Hospital. Our is from Jeremiah 17:14, "Heal me O Lord, and I shall be healed." Could that be any more fitting?? That was pretty clear God had big plans for Jeremy!

  • It's the #1 baby name for 2010! That's too common for us! 
  • We couldn't find a middle name for Noah that has a nice ring to it. 
Now, 2 years later we can't even imagine calling him Noah! Jeremy is incredibly fitting for our precious son!

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